Can you find a cheap apartment on the beach?

Surely we have ever wondered if it is possible find a cheap apartment on the beach, and the truth is a good question.

We imagine what our life would be like if we lived in front of the sea, what our day-to-day life would be like: having breakfast looking at the sea, enjoying a good book on your beautiful terrace, daily walks on the beach, dinner with friends enjoying the Mediterranean breeze and fall asleep to the sound of the waves of the sea.

But of course, there is always the question, is your desired cheap beach apartment exists? Finding an affordable first floor apartment one step away from the sea seems like an impossible mission.

A cheap beach apartmentIt is not easy to find, sometimes impossible, it always depends on our point of view, on what we consider cheap.

If you think about what you spend every time you go on vacation with the family: hotels, meals away from home, parking... you can come to the conclusion that by investing in the well-being and family savings in the longer term, your apartment in Marina d'Or it is not a utopia or an unattainable good.

Buy apartments on the beach, above all, on the very first line of the beach, is, without a doubt, a good investment in the long term and, although it may seem difficult, it is also difficult in the short-medium term.


With the purchase of apartments on the beach, your vacation getaway is free!

Let's reflect on buying apartments on the beachWe know that it seems a bit difficult, but buying a cheap beach apartment, that is, one that fits your purchasing level, can be one of the best investments you make.

That's right, the purchase of apartments on the beach is an excellent investment in the short, medium and long term. For you too! Fulfilling the dream of owning a cheap beach apartment means saving all that money that you spend annually on your vacations (exceedingly high rents, hotels, diets away from home…).

If you are the owner of one of our apartments, you save all that money and the best thing: you have at your total availability 365 days a year the cheap apartment on the beach that you have dreamed of so much. In addition, you can rent your apartment during the months in which you do not enjoy it so the mortgage pays for itself, cost covered!

From Insert by Marina d'Or We do our best to make your dream vacation possible: we offer you the best options so that that cheap beach apartment you want and deserve is a reality.

The apartments on the Costa de Azahar, in Castellón, on the very first line of Inseryal by Marina d'Or, come fully furnished, equipped and decorated to enter to live, with all the luxury of detail, that is, we deliver the apartment fully furnished, decorated, with electrical appliances, even the bathroom towels and the photo frames!

Our apartments are completely new, brand new; They are on the very first line of the beach; right on the shore of the Costa de Azahar; together with all the services of the holiday city par excellence, Marina d'Or; and, they also come furnished, with electrical appliances and decorated in detail. Modern paintings and mirrors on the walls, towels in the bathroom, pans in the kitchen... absolutely everything you need so that you only have to worry about your well-being and that of your loved ones!

That's how it is, Insert by Marina d'Or has the cheap beach apartment that you are looking for so much, which will be your second home and which will house the most special and fun memories with your family over time.

A cheap beach apartment in Oropesa del Mar?

Surely you will wonder what the coast of Oropesa del Mar, in the province of Castellón, to attract thousands of vacationers year after year. The answer is simple: Oropesa del Mar offers you many possibilities and thousands of plans for all audiences!

In this municipality of Castellón, next to Benicassim, we find the popular and famous family resort Marina d'Or. In the Holiday City you can find endless leisure options: a wide range of restaurants, shops, very good hotels, garden areas for walking…. 

It is an ideal place to visit with the family, it has 8 amusement parks With different themes and for different ages, it's impossible not to have fun! On the other hand, if what you need is to relax, count on the Major Marine Water Spa of Europe.

In Oropesa del Mar it also has a Leisure port, sports port with activities for lovers of water sports, natural reserves nearby for lovers of hiking and Oropesa Castle and a charming old town full of history for those who always want to learn. In addition, recovering strength by tasting the gastronomy of the area is always a real pleasure. Who does not like a good rice?

From Inseryal by Marina d´Or, we want to help you make this dream of buying a cheap apartment on the beach come true, that's why we provide you with all the comforts so that buying apartments on the beach is not a headache. We talk to you and help you!

Together we can adjust to your budget and create the home of your dreams.

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