Why live near the sea?

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Why buy an apartment on the beach with Inseryal by Marina d'Or, is right now the best investment in 2022?Due to noise pollution and pollution in the city, the number of people who want to buy an apartment on the beach has increased, because living by the sea can bring us multiple benefits. We can help you achieve these benefits with our  apartments for sale in Oropesa del Mar in the First Line of the Beach. Ideal to make your dream of living near the sea come true.

Therefore, if you are looking for a new apartment on the first line of the beach, but you still don't know which place to choose, in the following article we have compiled a list of the main reasons why living by the sea is the best option.

goodbye to traffic

If you decide live on the beach or near it, you will notice that many times you do not need to use your car, since with a scooter or a motorcycle you will be able to move without worrying about parking, or traffic jams in the city. According to statistics, the beach areas have, in turn, many people like you who have seen this problem and They have decided to do without the vehicle as well, so the amount of traffic in the area has been reduced.

Natural beauty

live by the sea It means that there are many other natural beauties around, such as lagoons, rock formations and coves, which will greatly help improve air quality; You are actually enjoying life on vacation and you are certainly one of the best places to live.

Newly built apartments to live by the sea
new construction apartments

new hobbies

live by the sea offers you new possibilities to enjoy everyday life. New hobbies you can't get anywhere else. For example, taking a surf course, fishing with your family or just sitting on the beach and reading a book.

Reduce stress

On the other hand, owning a house by the sea can help reduce stress, because according to research, the negative ions in the sea breeze help increase serotonin levels, thus reducing anxiety. Serotonin is a regulator of stress and anxiety in the human body. Studies have shown that people who live by the sea have higher levels of serotonin than people who live far from the sea.

It is Positive to buy an apartment on the beach.

The beach is undoubtedly the best gym for those who want to live near the sea. You can walk by the sea, run along the coast or stretch your muscles on the best beaches. There are many possibilities, all of which have a positive effect on the joints. For this reason, many doctors recommend that patients with these types of problems go to the beach to exercise.

Sweet dreams

based on various studies carried out on people with sleep problems, it is determined that the air from the beach helps them fall asleep in a 35%. This is because the air is generally cleaner, fresher, and has a higher oxygen content, which can help you fall asleep quickly and safely.

It has been proven that the mixture of sea air and the sound of the waves provide unparalleled relaxation for those who have decided live near the sea, which would help to sleep better and greatly increase creativity, even more so in these days that teleworking is a common currency.

From insert by Marina D´Or we have in apartments for sale in Oropesa del Mar/Cabanes and we are aware of the infinity of benefits that our Apartments for sale in Oropesa del Mar/Cabanes on the very first line of the beach.

we are situated next to Marina d'Or Vacations city.

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