Is it cheaper to buy than rent?

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How many times have we thought that renting is wasting money, or worse, giving it away to others? Well, that's exactly how it is, it's as if you took an average of €900 every month and threw it directly into the trash. Who does not know someone whose mortgage is cheaper than currently renting?

If we start calculating the amount of money that we have left in a matter of a rental, with an average of €900 over 15 years, we are talking about an expense of €162,000It's a barbaric right? If we start renting at 20 years old, At age 40 we will have spent more than €216,000This is without taking into account lost deposits, payments to real estate agents, etc. That is why it is cheaper to buy than to rent.

Just by reading the news or listening to it on television, we know that everything is going up and the price of housing was not going to be less.

But what is happening is not an exceptional case, House prices have only gone up and up since 2008, For this reason, every time we think about renting, we know that the price is increasing and that the rent will become more expensive, we will continue paying more for something that is not even ours.

It is cheaper to buy than to rent, and if we buy our own home, no matter how much the price rises, we will continue to pay the same agreed mortgage and the same final price of the home, which was agreed in the purchase-sale contract. , so the rise in housing prices will not affect us, if it is a fixed mortgage.

It is not the same to pay a mortgage payment, which will surely be even cheaper than rent, than to pay the rent to an unknown person who is feeding and earning money at our expense every month.

The data is clear, as indicated by Idealista the price of housing increased by 8.2% in the interannual rate, almost two points more than the previous quarter, it is its highest rate of growth since the second quarter of 2007, just before the start of the financial crisis. It is expected to reach 10% at the end of 2022

Therefore, in the end we refer to the same thing, you have to know when is the moment to buy and the moment is now, before the house continues to rise and you are late.

it is cheaper to buy than to rent

It is cheaper to buy than to rent and if we buy now the housing prices will be revalued

Taking into account the increases that are taking place, buying a home off plan may be the best option, much more if the proposal begins if It is cheaper to buy than to rent. If we buy a home now for €169,900 with this price rise, it may be that in two years we have already earned more than €50,000 on that purchase, making an estimate of the rise that homes have had in recent years, that benefit can be generate in a short period of time.

Buying a home will undoubtedly be your best decision and it is cheaper to buy than to rent. You will pay every month, surely, a much smaller fee than rent, and you will gladly do it because you know that you are doing it for something of yours, of your property, that your children will later keep, or that you will simply have a fully paid property already your name.

Apart from the fact that it is cheaper to buy than to rent, having a property in your name always gives you security and stability, if any unforeseen problem arises, you will have financial support, since you can rent or sell that home.

When we decide that it is cheaper to buy than to rent, many variables must be taken into account., but among them, the most important are the price and quality of housing. In Inseryal by Marina d´Or We want to ensure you a good purchase-sale, which is why our new-build apartments, on the very first line of the beach, have a very competitive price in the market, and not only that, they are also delivered fully furnished, equipped and decorated, ready to move into! to live!, facilitating as much as possible, the immediacy of enjoying your new apartment, on the first line on the beach in a place with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, and together with all the services it provides Marina d'Or Holiday City.

It is cheaper to buy than to rent

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