Garden City II, Oropesa del Mar (Castellón)

Why buy an apartment on the beach with Inseryal by Marina d'Or, is it the best investment right now?

We could talk about the best value for money on the market, an exceptional location (a first-line beach apartment) or a destination that, like few others, offers a great atmosphere all year round (Marina d'Or – Holiday City).

Buy an apartment on the beach.

Apartments on the beach with spectacular views.

The building is called Ciudad Jardín and it is the new development of Inseryal by Marina d´Or, which meets all these characteristics and many other equally interesting when it comes to enjoying an apartment on the beach of Oropesa del Mar, but what makes it precisely "now" the best time to buy an apartment on the beach of Oropesa del Mar? Well, the fact that all the conditions exist so that, in addition to acquiring a large home, we are carrying out a great investment with a high revaluation in a very short time. Because?

The real estate market offers an excellent opportunity so that our savings are not devalued because of the incipient inflation.

· Because the increase in housing prices is not a flash in the pan: in recent years, the price of both an apartment on the beach and a any home in Spain will continue to grow.

· The increase in production costs, the shortage of labor in the construction sector and the booming demand will make prices continue to grow in general, and more so on the beachfront.

· If there is one type of housing whose demand has skyrocketed above the average, it is precisely the Ciudad Jardín style, the latest development of Inseryal by Marina d´Or: these apartments on the beach, on the very first line, are a type of housing based on a healthy lifestyle, facing the sea, far from the city but, at the same time, surrounded by all services.

· The apartments on the beach of Inseryal by Marina d´Or, They come equipped down to the last detail.furnished, decorated and with the necessary electrical appliances to directly enter to live.

If the confinement of 2020 taught us anything, it is that we all prefer a most efficient type of housing, "pleasant" and with more incorporated services (swimming pool, common green areas, children's areas, etc.).

buy an apartment on the beach with Inseryal by Marina d'Or

After knowing all these facts

Buy cheap beach flats

, which are very important in order to carry out a purchase of a flat, you have to keep weighing all the variables that need to be analyzed to make a good decision.

Buy cheap apartment on the beachIn order for the purchase decision to be as economical as possible, we have to start by analyzing what are the cheapest areas of Spain for buy a house on the beach. There is a wide variety of prices between some coastal provinces and others.

In any circumstance. In this sense, the new urbanization of Insertion in Oropesa del Mar – Cabanes, next to Marina d'Or, is as much a round investment as a unique experience For all lovers of the best quality of life: living in a comfortable apartment on the beach. Surrounded by fresh air. In beachfront. Facing the Mediterranean.

In Ciudad Jardín II you will find the home of your dreams!


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