What you should know before buying an apartment on the beach

If you are looking to invest in real estate, buy apartment on the beach it can be an excellent option.

Not only can it be a property with impressive views, but buying an apartment on the beach is also a long-term investment.

Surely you have heard of the coast in the Valencian Community, you may even have visited it.

The northernmost province of the Valencian Community is the Castellon province, with a multitude of beaches, both sandy and rocky, secluded coves, castles overlooking the sea, a rich gastronomy that highlights the fishing of the area and the products grown in this province that borders Catalonia to the north.

Within this province, is the coastal municipality of Oropesa del Mar – Cabanes, where you can now find the only new construction apartments on the beachfront: the CIUDAD JARDÍN apartments. 

buy apartment on the beach

Advantages of buy apartment on the beach

One of the main advantages of buying an apartment on the beach is its location.

Beachfront properties have impressive views and are in a privileged location, which is why they will always appreciate in value.

In addition, beachfront properties are very popular with tourists, guaranteeing them high rental potential in high season.

Another advantage of beachfront properties is that they are a long-term investment. Beachfront properties are in high demand and their value can increase over time.

Factors to consider when buy apartment on the beach

Before buying an apartment on the beach, you should consider some important factors.

It is important that, in this type of housing, due to its location, a distance (marked by law) is respected between the construction and the natural environment.

This is why our Ciudad Jardín apartments take into account the privileged environment where they are located and keep a distance between them and direct access to the beach.

In this well-kept and green space you can enjoy pleasant walks by the sea and relax watching your children play under the palm trees that frame this landscape.

Investigating beachfront real estate options

when you're looking buy apartment on the beach, it is important to investigate well.

You must consider the price, the location and the characteristics of the property. You should also research the real estate agent and see if they have experience selling property.

Our company has been in the market for the promotion, construction and sale of homes in Spain for more than 40 years. We have built over 25,000 homes generating great reviews from buyers.

You should also consider the proximity of the property to tourist attractions and basic services such as supermarkets and hospitals.

Oropesa del Mar, has supermarkets, schools, health and senior centers, cultural centers, it is only 20 minutes from the renowned Hospital Vithas Castelló.

In addition, Oropesa del Mar has a wide variety of gastronomic and leisure offers.

Ciudad Jardín Apartments, next to Marina d'Or Holiday City.

Marina d'Or Ciudad de Vacaciones is a highly successful tourist complex located in Oropesa del Mar, in the Valencian Community. This complex is located in a privileged location on the beachfront, surrounded by gardens and 100,000 m2 of green areas.

In addition, it has numerous activities for all ages, eight Leisure Parks, swimming pools, a water park, paddle tennis and tennis courts, restaurants and the largest sea water spa in Europe.  

For nature lovers, Marina d'Or Ciudad de Vacaciones and the Ciudad Jardín apartments are located near the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park and the Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca Natural Park, where you can do many outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and horseback riding.

In addition, it has shows and events for children and adults renewed every season, as well as several nightlife venues.

Its visitors can stay in any of its 5 hotels or its apartments by the Mediterranean Sea.

Marina d'Or Holiday City has two 3-star hotels, 2 4-star hotels and a 5-star hotel that includes unlimited access to the Marina d'Or Spa.

In addition, all hotels have a free toy library for children.           

Conclusion: Should you buy an apartment on the beach?

Buy apartment on the beach it can be a profitable investment in the long run.

Beachfront properties have high rental and appreciation potential, making them a safe investment.


If you are interested in buying a beachfront property, Do not hesitate to leave us your information. we call you.

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