The purchase and sale of properties for residential use continues to show prices that tend to rise, although the market in general is stabilizing.

Today we will talk about this increase and about something very interesting that is taking place on the Mediterranean coast, the sale of apartments in Oropesa del Mar.

The average price of new and used housing in Spain has risen by 0.3% in the last two months (April-May 2023), especially positive news for those who made the decision to invest in housing in the last year, since they have seen their investment revalued in a very short time.

This has been the case of the owners of the apartments located in the Ciudad Jardín 1 and 2 buildings, in Oropesa del Mar/Cabanes, who made an investment a little over a year ago and have seen that investment recovered, since their apartments are now worth 25% more.

You still have time to get to the apartments for sale in Oropesa del Mar and put your money safely by purchasing your apartment in the Ciudad Jardín 3 building, next to the Ciudad Jardín 1 and 2 buildings.

sale of flats in Oropesa del Mar


These three buildings are surrounded by nature, but with the comforts of being next to Marina d'Or Ciudad de Vacaciones, a few minutes from Castellón and an hour from Valencia.

The Ciudad Jardín buildings are on the municipal border between Oropesa del Mar and Cabanes, in the province of Castellón.


To the east of the Ciudad Jardín buildings is Torre la Sal beach, a 2 km long sandy beach that has a privileged area of dunes and salt marshes.


To the north of our buildings is the protected Natural Park of Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca.


To the south of the Ciudad Jardín Buildings is the renowned Marina d'Or Vacation City.

Buy apartment in Marina d'Or



Marina d'Or belongs to the municipality of Oropesa del Mar and has the largest Marine Water Spa in Europe.


In it, its visitors can enjoy swimming pools, jacuzzis, steam baths, flotarium, outdoor bathing areas and a special area for children.


In addition to its Spa, Marina d'Or has restaurants, shops, leisure and sports areas, shows, several Leisure Parks, 5 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and 500,000 m2 of green and landscaped areas.


Some outstanding Leisure Parks in Marina d'Or are:


  • Amusement Park Fantasy World
    • Mini-karts, logs on water, trampolines, a pirate ship, an inflatable climbing pyramid, 4D cinema...
  • Enchanted Garden
    • Flowers, waterfalls, fountains and mythological characters in a magical world with its own show.
    • The trees move and talk to the little ones while the fairies, gnomes and fauns accompany them on the tour.
  • Polynesian Water Park
    • 54 different activities and attractions designed for children, young people and adults.
    • Hydrotubes, play pools, wave pools, high-speed water dunes, a river to ride on inflatables... multiple water attractions to enjoy in summer and occasionally out of season in its covered area.
  • Or Adventure Park
    • Amusement park where children and adults can share their fun.
    • It has ''the great slide'', where you can accompany your children to experience adrenaline from the age of three.
    • It also has a 37 meter high shuttle.
  • Kids Zone Spa
    • Within the Marina d'Or Spa, is this themed space designed especially for children between zero and five years of age.
    • It is a soundproof and independent area with water cannons, slides, a pirate ship, water games...
    • Marina d'Or also has several sports and recreational facilities for tennis and paddle tennis.
  • Parades and shows:
    • One of the highlights in Marina d'Or is the Parade of Floats, an evening extravaganza of illuminated floats, animated mascots, dancers, actors, stage lighting, and music.
    • In addition to this parade, numerous shows take place every summer. The theme of these varies each season.


Enjoy the beach in Oropesa del Mar and Cabanes:


Oropesa del Mar (Marina d'Or included), offers 12 kilometers of coastline and seven beaches/coves. To this is added the coastline of Cabanes (with its Torre la Sal beach, mentioned before):


  • Les Amplaries beach (next to Marina d'Or)

  • Morro de Gos Beach

  • La Concha beach

  • Cove of Orpesa la Vella

  • Retor's Cove

  • Renega beach

  • Bellver Platgetes

  • Torre la Sal Beach (in front of the Ciudad Jardín buildings and next to the Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca Natural Park).


Do not miss this unique opportunity to access the sale of apartments in Oropesa del Mar, a privileged place.

If you want to enjoy everything that Oropesa del Mar and Cabanes have to offer every summer, don't wait any longer and leave us your details, we have a lot to tell you!

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