Reopening of marina d'or: 40m renovation

The reopening of Marina d'Or in Oropesa (Castellón) in 2024

The reopening of Marina d'Or As a new tourism concept, it will be the epicenter of an investment aimed at transforming the region into a top-level tourism benchmark. The Strong Group and Magic Costa Blanca have announced ambitious plans to revitalize the Oropesa coast, a strategic investment that seeks to enhance the overall visitor experience.

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The reopening of Marina d'Or includes the remodeling and improvement of coastal facilities, including beaches and tourist services, which are already an integral part of this reactivation project. The vision is to create a vibrant and attractive coastal environment, in line with the new tourism concept of Marina d'Or, which not only attracts local visitors, but also attracts the interest of international tourists.

With an additional investment planned in access infrastructure and development of the coastal area, the aim is to enhance connectivity and accessibility, thus facilitating the arrival of visitors to this renewed vacation paradise. The long-term vision is to position the Oropesa coast as a premium tourist destination on the European scene.

Reopening of Marina d'Or

This investment not only translates into physical improvements, but also an economic boost for the region. It is anticipated a increase in job creation and business opportunities, strengthening the local and regional economy. The collaboration between Grupo Fuertes and Magic Costa Blanca not only seeks to transform Marina d'Or but also enhance the natural beauty and tourist attraction of the coast, thus creating a comprehensive and vibrant destination for visitors. The reopening of Marina d'Or is presented as a key milestone in this ambitious revitalization project.

Reopening of Marina d'Or: a renewed tourist reference

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