Grupo Fuertes and Grupo Magic finalize the purchase of Marina d'Or

The purchase of Marina d'Or is a strategic decision that resonates in the Spanish tourism sector. The prestigious companies Grupo Fuertes and Grupo Magic are about to finalize the acquisition of the renowned Marina d'Or tourist complex. This iconic destination, which has been wowing visitors since the late 1980s, is about to change hands thanks to an alliance between two influential Spanish family groups. The collaboration between Magic Costa Blanca, recognized for its excellence in hotel management, and Grupo Fuertes, owner of Grupo El Pozo, signals a new era for Marina d'Or.
ANDThis news is important to us: insert because our apartments are located very close to the Marina d'Or so the revitalization and growth of the tourist complex that is anticipated would be very positive; both for the revaluation of the homes that our clients acquire and for the increase in leisure options available for them. 


Purchase of Marina D'Or


Last week it was announced that the Fuertes y Magic Group finalized the purchase of one of the most emblematic tourist complexes in Spain, Marina d'Or. The urban development that began to take shape in the late eighties in Castellón is about to change hands. Founded by visionary businessman Jesús Ger, currently in the hands of the US fund Farallon, this leisure and hotel complex is preparing for an exciting future under the management of two leading Spanish family groups.

Sources close to the operation have revealed to the newspaper EXPANSION that both parties have reached an agreement in principle to acquire the hotel, apartment and leisure assets of Marina d'Or. The agreement reached includes: five vacation hotels and two urban ones, apartments, theme parks, the resort and the spa. Although the path towards the acquisition is advanced, there are still details to be finalized regarding the purchase formula and the necessary authorizations from the regulatory entities.

Over the years the Marina d'Or tourist complex has become a reference point in the tourism field, attracting visitors from all over with its wide range of leisure and entertainment facilities. Now, this iconic complex is about to enter a new phase in its history, driven by the union of two prominent names in the Spanish business arena: the Magic Costa Blanca hotel chain from Alicante and Grupo Fuertes, owners of Grupo El Pozo. It is estimated that this operation will bring benefits both for the local economy and for the visitors who choose this destination for their vacations.

Marina dor complex could be sold very soonThe transaction takes place in a favorable context for the Spanish apartment and hotel sector, which is experiencing a historic summer season with very positive data. In this scenario, the acquisition of Marina d'Or is in line with a broader investment trend in the sector. 

With this acquisition, it is expected that Magic Costa Blanca and the strong group seek to expand their presence in the tourism sector and take advantage of the business opportunities offered by the complex. The combination of Magic Costa Blanca's experience in hotel management and the business diversification of Grupo Fuertes could have a major positive impact on the revitalization and continued growth of the resort. There is expectation to see in the coming months how the management and future development of the tourist complex evolves under the direction of the new owners.


Impacts of the Purchase of Marina d'Or

In summary, this acquisition by Grupo Fuertes y Magic not only inaugurates a new era for the emblematic tourist complex, but also promises a significant revitalization for its surroundings, which includes the apartments Ciudad Jardin located in Oropesa del Mar, Cabanes. This step forward reinforces the connection between the development of the resort and the economic growth of the surrounding region, demonstrating how investment in tourism can have a cascading impact that benefits various stakeholders. The future of Marina d'Or becomes a brilliant reflection of the collaboration and shared vision between the private sector and the well-being of the local community.

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