Purchase of apartments in Marina d´Or

What is Marina d'Or?

Marina d'Or It is a tourist beach complex with more than 100,000 square meters, three hotels, 5,000 apartments, a gigantic golf course, 30 restaurants, fountains, parks, medical centers and one of the most important marine water spas in Europe.

Purchase of apartments in Marina d´Or
Purchase of apartments in Marina d´Or

Known worldwide as "The Holiday City", it is located in the town of Oropesa del Mar, in the province of Castellón, on the Costa Azahar.

It has 5 hotels that have been built gradually, since its inception.
• Marina d'Or Spa Hotel 5*: inaugurated on July 3, 2003, it has 184 rooms spread over 12 floors.

•Hotel Marina d'Or Playa 4*: inaugurated on November 17, 2003, it has 11 floors and 225 rooms.

• Hotel Gran Duque 4*: It is the newest hotel in the complex, inaugurated on June 27, 2007. It has 564 rooms distributed over 11 floors.

•Hotel Marina d'Or 3*: It was inaugurated on April 18, 1997, being the first hotel in the complex. It has 10 floors and 144 rooms.

•Hotel Marina d'Or Beach 3*: inaugurated on April 25, 2007, it is the smallest hotel in the complex, with 4 floors and 51 rooms.
•Tourist apartments in hotel operation: 639 – 375, in a Single Accommodation regime and 264, Multiservice (data August 2017).

Marina d'Or It has been characterized by intense advertising activity and by the sponsorship of beauty contests, such as Miss Spain or different sporting events.

•8 leisure parks: Fantasy World, 4D Cinema, Aventura d'Or Park, Toy Library (located in the 5* hotel), Miniclub, Enchanted Garden, Polynesia Park and Emotion Park.
•Hostelry: In addition to the hotel restaurants with buffets, the complex houses approximately 100 leisure and catering establishments.
Indoor sports court: Suitable for practicing any sport in the pavilion, with stands for a maximum capacity of 850 people.
2 natural grass pitches and FIFA regulatory measures.

The most famous and crowded resort town.

In Spain, most people agree that It is the most famous family resort in the Mediterranean and the place that, since they were children, they wanted to visit. Furthermore, considering that it is Open all the year long, the place is actively attended by thousands of people, thanks to the diversity of its facilities, and it is in summer when tourist activities and sports agendas are the order of the day. On the beachfront of the Mediterranean Sea, Marina d'Or offers an infinite number of services, infrastructures and activities aimed at family leisure, so children will have a great time at all times.


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What to do in Marina d'Or in 2023?

Marina d'Or has leisure parks for all ages. From the Polinesia water park, themed on the southern seas and offering 54 activities for all ages (with swimming pools and attractions even for the little ones), to Aventura d'Or (with some unique attractions in Europe and which is focused adolescents and even adults) or Emotion Park (with go-karts, quads, obstacle course...), the Enchanted Garden (cataloged by the Universitat Jaume I as unique in its category thanks to its shows among thousands and thousands of natural flowers) … the complex also has other parks aimed at children, such as Mundo or various toy libraries, some of which are free for guests staying, such as the Marina d'Or Miniclub.

One of the most well-known and exclusive attractions of Marina d'Or is its seawater spa, the largest in Europe. Entering its large swimming pools, giant jacuzzis and other services allows the client to forget about the world and enter an almost exclusive atmosphere of relaxation and well-being. In addition, this year, the spa offers great innovations, such as a large, independent and soundproof children's area with fresh water, accessible to children from zero months.

Water cannons, slides, arches with jets, swimming pools, castles and pirate ships, a play canal, careful decoration down to the smallest detail and a new toy library are some of the new attractions, which we will now detail:

Polynesian Water Park

The Polinesia Water Park has 54 innovative activities and different attractions to entertain and surprise children, young people and adults. Spectacularly themed in Polynesia, this water amusement park has an open area, open in summer, and another area covered with water at room temperature that can occasionally be opened at any time of the year. To come on family vacations all year round.

Or Adventure Park

The Aventura d'Or Park becomes the perfect place for leisure for young people, adults and the most intrepid children thanks to its magnificent attractions.

Fantasy World Park

Mundo Fantasía is the great amusement park of Marina d'Or Holiday City for children, and has countless attractions that range from the most modern, such as its 4D Cinema with interactive seats, to the most traditional, such as its beautiful Venetian carousel. . Being the largest in its category in the Valencian Community, it is surrounded by dream shops and decorated with large dolls, creating a fantasy environment for this leisure area designed for the fun of the little ones. In the center of the amusement park the terrace of the Pirate Ship offers soft drinks and ice creams. Open on weekends, national bank holidays and summer, it is an ideal meeting point for family fun and children's imagination. .


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