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Oropesa Gastronomy of the Sea

Oropesa del Mar, a highly recognized tourist destination, is positioning itself as a leader in initiatives that combine the promotion of its rich local gastronomy with a serious commitment to sustainability. Next, we will explore how this town is promoting its gastronomic product and its action plan against climate change, aspects that make Oropesa del Mar an even more attractive place to live and visit.


Promotion of Gastronomic Tourism

The City Council of Oropesa del Mar has allocated €45,000 to hire consulting and technical advice services, with the aim of promoting its gastronomic product. This investment highlights the municipality's commitment to promoting its traditional gastronomy, based on native products and the healthy Mediterranean diet. This approach not only guarantees the authenticity of the culinary offering, but also supports the local producers.


“Castellón Route of Flavor” Quality Mark

The Castellón Provincial Council promotes the “Castellón Ruta de Sabor” brand, which has a crucial role in promoting high-quality local products. This certification ensures that the region's agri-food products meet strict quality standards, increasing their appeal to both residents and tourists.

Castellón flavor route

Creation of the “Gastronomic Tourism” Product Club


Structuring of the Gastronomic Offer in Oropesa del Mar

To unite and tourist-orientate its gastronomic offer, Oropesa del Mar proposes the creation of the “Gastronomic Tourism” Product Club. This club will help structure the municipality's culinary offer, promoting the authenticity and quality of the km 0 products. Gastronomy has become an important activator of tourism in Spanish destinations, and Oropesa del Mar is well positioned to take advantage of this trend.


Benefits for the Local Economy

The creation of this club will not only attract more tourists, but will also boost the local economy. Promoting the consumption of local products will benefit both the agricultural and fishing sectors, creating an economy with less seasonal character, more sustainable and resilient.


Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy


Commitment to Sustainability

The Oropesa del Mar City Council has also launched a tender to hire consulting services for the drafting of the Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy (PACES). This initiative is part of the municipality's commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change, aligning with European and national objectives in terms of energy and the environment.


PACES objectives

PACES is an essential strategic instrument for the development of local policies that promote:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The increase in energy efficiency.
  • Promoting the use of renewable energies.

With this plan, Oropesa del Mar seeks to contribute significantly to the transition towards a more sustainable and resilient development model.


Opportunities for Consulting Companies


Participation in the Tender

The Oropesa del Mar City Council invites consulting companies specialized in both the creation of gastronomic product clubs and sustainability and energy to present their proposals. Participants must demonstrate verifiable experience in developing similar plans and have a multidisciplinary team trained in these areas.


Requirements and Bidding Process

The bidding rules and specific requirements are available on the State Contracting Platform of the Oropesa del Mar City Council. Proposals must be presented in compliance with all the criteria established in the specifications. This is a unique opportunity for consulting companies to contribute to the sustainable development and gastronomic promotion of this town.



Oropesa del Mar is demonstrating its commitment to the sustainable tourism and the promotion of its gastronomic offer. Investment in consulting for gastronomic development and the implementation of the Action Plan for the Climate and Sustainable Energy They are crucial steps to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for the town. These initiatives not only improve the quality of life of residents, but also make Oropesa del Mar an even more attractive destination for visitors.

Garden City Building 4

If you are looking for a place to live that combines natural beauty, a rich cultural and gastronomic offer, and a strong commitment to sustainability, Oropesa del Mar is the perfect choice.


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