New construction in Castellón, purchase opportunity

Why live in Castellón?

Castellón is located in the Valencian Community on one of the most beautiful coasts in Spain, the Levante coast.

In Castellón we can enjoy different paradisiacal beaches and coves that have nothing to envy to any other coast in Spain.

In this area, we can find a wide range of new-build apartments on the beachfront. These offers can be perfect to buy a second residence or to make an investment.

New construction apartments in Castellón

On the beautiful Levante coast or also called the Azahar coast, you can find homes of all kinds, since the province of Castellón is one of the most sought after on the Spanish coast. New construction homes in Castellón are quite competitive and have affordable prices. 


Let's not forget that Castellón has a great tourist attraction, since you can find beaches and mountains quite close to the coast. The Castellón temperature is perfect, since it has more than 300 sunny days a year. In Castellón we can enjoy mild winters and summers with the perfect heat to enjoy its beautiful beaches. 

Where to buy a new construction apartment in Castellón?

If we think about the best areas for buy an apartment in Castellón of new construction, first we have to consider what we are looking for in this new home.


Castellón is located between Valencia and Barcelona, which are some of the main and most cosmopolitan cities in Spain. Castellón is a smaller city but it is a safe bet, since you will be able to find everything, without the stress of being in a big city.

The city of Castellón has an enviable quality of life, since you have a great offer of nature, air quality, culture and all the leisure you want to find.


Both in the center of the city and in the surrounding towns, you have new-build homes, with a great offer to be able to make a good purchase-sale investment or to live in a dream area.

Charming villages in Castellón

In Castellón you can find perfect towns to live. Whether you are looking for the relaxation and tranquility of a small town or if you want to find more touristy towns where you will have a wide variety of leisure activities.


Some of these towns are Morella, Segorbe, Peñíscola, Mascarell, Alcalà de Xivert, Vilafamés, or one well known such as Oropesa del Mar.

But if we want to have it all in one, that is, to achieve a combination of tranquility and leisure, the best location in Castellón is Oropesa del Mar. In it you will be able to find the fun that it can provide Marina d'Or Holiday City, combined, with the tranquility of the mountain town and its main beach called Torre la Sal, with more than 13 km of extension.

Advantages of buying a new construction apartment in Castellón.

If you're thinking of buy a flat in Castellón, the best choice is a new construction floor. Currently, new construction apartments in Castellón are a great claim, since you can find all kinds of prices, depending on the area and the type of home.


Some of the advantages that a new construction flat in Castellón can provide you is the quality of the materials used in these flats. As it is a new work, you make sure that there is no deterioration due to its age and you make sure that it does not have any type of charge or fault that you have not detected before the purchase. Remember that second-hand flats often cause problems, since the quality of their materials over the years is no longer the same as that of a new-build flat.

New construction apartments in Castellón, Oropesa del Mar

Oropesa del Mar, is one of the best-known towns in the province of Castellón. In it you can find all kinds of services, activities, nature, beach, a wide variety of leisure activities. It is a perfect location to invest in a new construction apartment on the beachfront.


From Inseryal by Marina d'Or, we want you to get to know our apartments on the very first line of the beach. These apartments are delivered furnished, equipped and decorated. We want our clients to only worry about enjoying their new construction apartment with sea views in Oropesa del Mar, Castellón.

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