On May 10, Inseryal by MARINA D'OR marked a significant moment with the launch of its new promotion of the Sol y Mar 2 Building.


The building will offer 65 magnificent ground floor apartments, as well as beautiful penthouses and duplexes.


The presentation took place in the offices of the Miramar building in Oropesa del Mar. The event was inaugurated by the commercial director of Inseryal by MARINA D'OR, Cedric Oda and Miguel Querol, assistant president, were also present.


On the other hand, the architect Mariano Luis Alaman who designed the new Apartamentos Sol y Mar 2 building was also present at the event, to explain the technical and urban planning details of the future construction. At the same time, he resolved questions that arose from salespeople, helping them to understand the characteristics of the new building.


Sol y Mar Building 2


Team Integration and International Expansion

Led by the commercial director, the event had the participation of 25 salespeople from the national team and 23 international salespeople.


Sol y Mar 2 Building


With two offices in Madrid, one in Leganés and three in Oropesa, we managed to bring together all our salespeople for this important day. Once again, Inseryal by MARINA D'OR demonstrates its commitment to expansion and accessibility in important urban and coastal centers.


Celebration of the Event in Oropesa del Mar

The venue of the event, the Miramar offices, are strategically located in front of the gardens of the well-known Marina d'Or Holiday Resort, a site that not only offers impressive views but also symbolizes the company's link with high-end coastal developments. quality.


A Successful Event and Future Projection

The event was hailed as a resounding success, not only for the sunny day and the surroundings, but also for what it represents for the future of the company. The presentation of a new new construction project captured the attention of everyone present, generating enthusiasm and high expectations about what is to come.


This new development promises to continue the tradition of Insertion by MARINA D'OR to offer exceptional properties that not only meet clients' expectations, but exceed them, thanks to their focus on innovation.


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