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What is the VAT on new construction homes?

At the moment we decide to buy an apartment, a thousand doubts come to mind. Logically, the first thing we ask ourselves is the cost of buying an apartment from us, and the VAT on the new construction housing is one of those first questions. One of the most important things is to keep the so-called "deeds" of your new construction home up to date. This management is carried out before a notary to carry out any purchase or sale. The deeds represent a legal receipt of ownership of the home. In the deeds of the new construction home, all the important and relevant information regarding your new construction home is detailed. This document details the conditions of sale, whether the apartment has charges, the technical data, characteristics of the property, taxes (Ibi and plus value), the method of payment and the price. And also as we mentioned, in one of the sections all the expenses where VAT appears are detailed.

What is VAT on new construction homes?

We have all heard of VAT, right? That rate that is added to everything we buy, and if we buy a new construction home, the VAT payment will not be less. The initials of VAT correspond to the meaning of "value added tax", this payment is made to the seller, who is obliged to settle the payment at the Public Treasury.
  • In the case of new construction or first transmission housing, in Spain, VAT represents 10% of the amount of the sale.
  • In the case of parking spaces and storage rooms, if you also buy them with the home, the VAT is 10%, otherwise it is 21%.
  • In the case of commercial premises, VAT is 21%.

New construction home with Inseryal by Marina d'Or

From Inseryal by Marina d´Or, we offer you new construction homes, on the beachfront, in Oropesa del Mar, next to Marina d'Or, Our apartments are fully furnished, equipped, decorated, ready to move into. We offer you all the facilities, so you can buy a new construction home on the beach. The payment of the entrance can be to your measure. You just have to contact us by clicking here, and we will be happy to inform you. One of the most important things when you buy a new construction home is the memory of qualities. In this, you can see all the necessary and detailed information, both of the qualities of the building, as well as of the apartment, the furniture and the electrical appliances, since as we mentioned previously, our new-build apartments are delivered fully equipped, that is, decorated, furnished and with all the electrical appliances, ready to move into. to live. In this way we avoid any worries, we simply want you to think about enjoying your new construction home on the first line of the beach.