Report on the materials, elements and qualities that will be used for the construction of the MIRAMAR apartment building, located in Oropesa del Mar, in the MARINA D'OR urbanization.

Building made up of 276 apartments, with terraces and access through a corridor, with commercial premises on the ground floor of the building, parking on the ground and basement floors, with a pedestrian and expansion area for residents and swimming pools on the ground floor.

Access to the building is through three vestibules that connect the basement parking area, the residential floors and the outdoor area with swimming pools, which is also accessed from Amplàries and Les Figueres streets via pedestrian entrances.

Each hallway is equipped with lobbies, stairs and 2 elevators. Business premises may offer their products to the interior area of the building (swimming pool).

It has front-type apartments with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 1 of them with direct access from the main bedroom, with kitchen, utility room, living-dining room and terrace; Side-type apartments with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 1 of them with direct access from the master bedroom, with kitchen, utility room, living-dining room and terrace; Corner apartments, with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, one of them with direct access from the master bedroom, with kitchen, living room, corner terrace and terrace with access to the house from the corridor. All bedrooms and living-dining rooms have frontal views of the outdoor terrace.


  • REINFORCED CONCRETE basement walls, and foundations using reinforced concrete pile caps on piling.
  • REINFORCED CONCRETE structure, with flat beams and unidirectional forging of semi-resistant joists.
  • Vertical closings of double hollow ceramic brick, with formation of an air chamber.
  • Thermal insulation in exterior walls of the building.
  • Passable flat roofs finished with ceramic tile; not passable, with a layer of river gravel.
  • Façade: cladding with large-format 60×120 cm porcelain stoneware and continuous -single-layer type-, depending on the area.
  • Exterior railings on aluminum and glass terraces.
  • Exterior railing in corridors composed of a lower part of ceramic brick with a continuous single-layer coating and an upper aluminum handrail
  • Continuous single-layer coating or plaster and paint coating, depending on the area, in corridors and common elements (stairs, halls and entrances). Porcelain stoneware decorative elements in hallways.
  • Porcelain stoneware flooring in hallways and ceramic in corridors and common elements.
  • Troweled concrete flooring in the garage area.
  • Metallic elements impregnated with 2 coats of enamel.
  • Pre-installation for charging electric vehicles


  • Interior partitions with hollow ceramic brick.
  • Plaster plaster on ceramic brick on interior walls.
  • Smooth plastic paint inside the apartments.
  • Covering with decorative paper on a wall in the dining room and on the front wall of the headboard in the master bedroom.
  • Plaster plaster and smooth plastic paint on the ceiling in the bedrooms, living room and corridor.
  • False plasterboard ceiling in bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Porcelain stoneware flooring, 60×60 format, in a cream color with a gloss finish inside the homes and the same format and color on the terraces, with an anti-slip treatment.
  • Ceramic wall tiling in bathrooms. The tiling of the main bathroom in white and beige in the second bathroom.
  • Matt white ceramic tiling in the kitchen and gallery.
  • Silver finish aluminum exterior carpentry and double glazing.
  • PVC blinds, silver finish, roller and motorized in the living room and bedrooms.
  • Interior wood carpentry, in interior doors and closets, with white coating.
  • Built-in wardrobes, lined on the inside, in all rooms. Interior distribution with drawers, shelves, shoe rack and hanging rail. Interior cabinet lighting.
  • Safe in master bedroom closet.
  • Furnished kitchen, with high and low cabinets, equipped with a granite countertop and a 1-bowl sink with a stainless steel drainer. Installation of cold water and hot water.
  • Installation of sanitary hot water supply to the building with a system of solar energy collectors.
  • Separative sanitation network of the building with PVC pipes.
  • Ventilation in bathrooms through metal ducts with upper suction and interior grilles in the intakes.
  • Installation of vitrified porcelain sanitary ware, in white, with a toilet with a soft or ABS system lid, a bidet in the master bedroom bathroom, a sink and a shower tray with a screen.
  • White vitrified porcelain sink in kitchen gallery. In apartments front and side type.
  • Single lever faucet.
  • Shower column in main bathroom.
  • Individual electric heater for each home.
  • Electrical installation Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation.
  • Hot-cold air conditioning through Split in the living-dining room.
  • Take TV in living room, bedrooms and terrace. TV in the main bedroom will be installed at a height of 1.50m in front of the bed and as central as possible with respect to it.
  • Telephone socket in living-dining room and master bedroom.
  • Video intercom in each house.


  • Tower type refrigerator. Vertical separation for freezing zone.
  • Ceramic hob with 4 burners.
  • built-in oven.
  • Extractor hood integrated in upper cabinet.
  • Dishwasher.
  • Washer dryer

Equipment in dining room:

  • 43” TV.


Outdoor furniture on terraces composed of:

  • Terrace table and 4 chairs.
  • Two-seater sofa and coffee table.

Furniture inside the apartments:

  • Sofa bed (3 seats as a sofa, 2 as a bed).
  • Center table.
  • Sideboard with drawers/display cabinet.
  • Dining table with 6 chairs.
  • Canapé-type double bed, headboard and mattress of 135 cm.
  • 2 nightstands in master bedroom.
  • 2 single beds with a 90 cm mattress, headboard and 1 nightstand in the second bedroom.
  • White furniture in the main bathroom with 2 drawers under the sink, illuminated mirror with digital clock, shower column and wall unit; Furniture in the second champagne-colored bathroom, shower screens, shelves, mirrors, accessories (hangers, towel rails, toilet brushes, roll holders, wastebasket).
  • Elements of interior decoration, bedding, curtains, mirrors and paintings in apartments. Decorative vertical garden in living room. Floral decorative elements in the living room.
  • In addition to the above, the corner apartment has an additional 2-seater sofa, barbecue on the terrace and shelf-type furniture in the living room.


  • Outdoor wall lights for terrace and gallery lighting.
  • Apply in entrance area.
  • Apply in living area.
  • Lamp in dining area.
  • 2 master bedroom sconces.
  • 2 lamps on nightstands.
  • Wall light in second bedroom
  • 1 lamp on nightstand.
  • Apply in bathrooms.
  • 2 wall lights in the kitchen.
  • Apply in hallway.
  • Interior cabinet lighting.


Living room:

  • Set of cups.
  • Decorative wooden boxes.
  • Electric air freshener.

Main bedroom:

  • 1 set of spare sheets.
  • Decorative box in closet.
  • Floral air freshener.
  • Scented envelopes for cabinets.

secondary bedroom:

  • 2 sets of spare sheets.
  • Decorative box in closet.
  • Floral air freshener.
  • Scented envelopes for cabinets.

Main bathroom:

  • Spare towel set.

Secondary bathroom:

  • Spare towel set.
  • Hair dryer.


  • Coffee maker.
  • Squeezer.
  • Blender.
  • Cookware (4 pieces).
  • 2 pans
  • Salt and pepper shakers, oil and sugar bowls, storage jars, roll holders, kitchen towels, spoon rests...


  • Iron.
  • Laundry basket.
  • Dustpan and broom.


storage rooms

  • Partition made with hollow ceramic brick.
  • Plaster plaster or cement rendering on ceramic brick on interior walls.
  • Smooth plastic paint.
  • False plaster ceiling.
  • Troweled solera flooring.
  • Galvanized sheet metal doors with 1 folding leaf of 72 cm equipped with handle and lock, and ventilation grill.
  • A light point and a power outlet in each storage room.

commercial premises

  • The premises are delivered diaphanous without interior partitioning.
  • Divider walls made with hollow ceramic brick.
  • Plaster plaster on ceramic brick on interior walls.
  • Smooth plastic paint.
  • False removable plasterboard ceiling.
  • Ceramic flooring.
  • Aluminum and glass carpentry on the facade.

Each location will have:

  • Motorized rolling shutter
  • Electrical installation consisting of 4 light points and 4 power outlets.
  • Extraction installation (tube diameter 300).
  • Water intake and drain.
  • Terraces covered with false plaster ceiling.
  • Installation of light points in the false ceiling of covered terraces (1 light point every 5 m2 of covered terrace).
  • Pre-installation of natural gas inside. Finished in stopcock.
Miramar Building Quality Report
Sale of Apartments in Oropesa del Mar Calle Moyano 8, Castellón de la Plana CP 12002, Castellón

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