They prepare the return at the beginning of next year with sports events.

The festive day of October 12 has been the date chosen to end this season in the hotels and facilities of the Marina d'Or complex, one of the reference enclaves for tourism in Castellón, located in the town of Orpesa. The closing of the campaign It has taken place after a summer marked by the return to the normality, with the lifting of most of the restrictions derived from the pandemic.
During the next months maintenance work will be carried out to have the different spaces of the complex, composed several hotels, as well as the spa and leisure parks. "We are preparing a series of improvements and new products”, indicated sources of Marina d'Or. After these works and the set-up, it is planned that the return occurs in the first weeks of next year, with reason for the next edition of the Mediterranean cycling race Epic, scheduled from February 9 to 12. After this boot will start the countdown to work at full capacity, with the view set in the Easter holidays.


Marina dor closes temporarily

Despite the closure of the activity in the hotels, there are elements of the complex that remain open. As indicated by the website to its potential visitors, there are "offers on apartments with which we invite discover the wonderful environment of nature and cultural activities to enjoy in Orpesa”.
The hotel facilities in Marina d'Or thus follow the prevailing model in most of the tourist plant of the province, whose campaign starts weeks before Easter to reach the months busiest in summer. Instead, winter temperatures and the reduction of attractive incentives for hoteliers, like the latest editions of the Imserso social holidays, have fact that the months of October to February are used to adapt for the next season. It is not the first time that the complex of Orpesa carries out reforms. The most significant took place two years ago. years, taking advantage of the low activity derived from the closures
perimeters in the successive waves of the coronavirus.



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