Oropesa del Mar is about to receive an extra dose of fun and excitement with the arrival of the 7 incredible theme parks of Magic World, the new Marina d'Or. From water attractions to jungle adventures and encounters with adorable pets, these parks offer something for everyone. Join us to explore the magic that awaits us in these exciting destinations!




1. Enchanted Garden


Theme parks


Enter a world of fantasy and color in the Enchanted Garden of Magic World, the new Marina d'Or. With lush gardens, live shows and interactive attractions. In addition, the Enchanted Garden will offer new shows every day, so this park promises a magical experience for the whole family. 


2. Sports Water Park


Theme parks


Refresh your senses and enjoy the excitement at the Sports Water Park. From dizzying slides that will make you go around and around to dizzying falls that will make your pulse quicken, this park will be the perfect place to enjoy the sun and water in Oropesa del Mar.


3. The Pet House


Theme parks


Meet your favorite furry friends at The Pet House. From the cheerful Pulpita to Captain Hook, the pirate cat Meow, his friend Tito Lorito and many more characters. This park will offer up-close encounters with a variety of adorable creatures.


4. Play Zone Park


Theme parks


Have non-stop fun at Magic World's Play Zone Park. With areas full of emotions, cutting-edge technology and unmatched experiences. This park will be a paradise for the little ones and the not so little ones.


5. Magic Splash Adventure Water Park


Discover the 7 Magic World theme parks, the new Marina d'Or


Immerse yourself in the excitement at the Magic Splash Adventure Water Park. With exciting slides for all tastes and ages, pool area, kiosk-bar so the fun doesn't stop. This park will be ideal for enjoying a day full of fun in the sun.


6. Polinesia Water Park


Theme parks


Explore a tropical oasis at Magic World's Polynesian Water Park. With crystal-clear pools, waterfalls and palm trees, this park will transport you to a tropical paradise on the coast of Oropesa del Mar.


7. Magic Land Park


Theme parks


Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and adventure at Magic Land Park. With thrilling rides, live shows and themed play areas, this park will be the perfect place to create unforgettable family memories.


With the opening of these seven exciting theme parks, Magic World promises to become the ultimate entertainment destination in Oropesa del Mar. Get ready to experience moments full of fun and excitement in these incredible destinations!




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