May 31 marks a milestone in the history of Oropesa del Mar with the inauguration of the long-awaited “Magic World” tourist complex. Presented at the International fair of tourism (Fitur), this project, under the new direction of strong group and Magic Costa Blanca, promises to transform the tourist offer of the region.

strong group and Magic Costa Blanca have announced an ambitious investment in Marina d'Or of 40 million euros. This strategic alliance, involving 50% in the ownership of the tourist complex, has the main objective of repositioning the destination to attract international markets, aspiring to become one of the main tourist destinations in Europe.


Marina Dor Complex

Gratitude for Institutional Support

During the presentation at Fitur, the representatives expressed their gratitude for the "great reception" of the project by local authorities, from the Oropesa del Mar Town Hall until the Provincial Council of Castellón and the Generalitat Valenciana. Institutional support has been essential to make this ambitious tourist complex a reality.

Purchase of Marina D'Or

Innovation and Sustainability: The Pillars of Magic World

The Grupo Fuertes spokesperson highlighted that Magic World would not have been possible without the elimination of the tourist tax proposed by the previous government. This complex, driven by innovation and focused on family and event tourism, was born with a vision of sustainability and an exciting dose of enthusiasm.

Unmatched Attractions for All Tastes

The promotional spot presented at Fitur generated enormous expectation by revealing some of the attractions and services of Magic World. The complex will have three water parks, children's areas, a Beach Club of more than 2,000 square meters and facilities for water sports. From virtual reality simulators to laser tag, Magic World offers entertainment for all ages.

Investment in Marina d'or

A Paradise for Sports Lovers

The sports offering at Magic World is impressive and includes a tennis and golf academy, football pitches, archery and a modern gym. In addition, the sports-themed hotel will have simulators, a sports bar and surf simulators.

International Gastronomy and Unique Experiences

Gastronomy will be a strong point at Magic World, with a variety of international options, from American food and brasserie to kaiten sushi and 2D bakery. Phase two of the project will focus on the largest Thalasso in Europe, offering wellness with a 51-room clinic, club area, premium area, water mapping, underwater virtual reality, art galleries and candlelight concerts.

Magic World: A New Tourism Paradigm in Oropesa del Mar

Investment and Positive Expectations for Tourism

The mayor of Oropesa, Araceli de Moya, thanked the new owners for the investment of more than 40 million euros and highlighted the potential of Magic World to return Oropesa as an international tourism benchmark.

The president of the Castellón Provincial Council Marta Barrachina expressed the "great expectation" that Magic World has generated and promised to collaborate fully with the Fuertes and Magic Costa groups.

The Minister of Tourism Nuria Montes noted that this is "a great day" and anticipated that Magic World will be "an absolute success", contributing significantly to international tourism in the province, with the Castellón airport playing a key role.


With Magic World, Oropesa del Mar is preparing for a vibrant and exciting tourism future.


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