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live in front of the sea

Living in front of the sea are all advantages.

live in front of the sea It has many advantages for our physical and mental well-being. In addition to being able to enjoy more than 300 sunny days a year, in a enviable place and of a exceptional weatherIt also improves our health, what more can we ask for? Well, we can find all this in the apartments in Oropesa del Mar/Cabanes, (Castellón), next to Marina d'Or.

Living in front of the sea and the facility to do sports.

Thanks to the ease of going out to play sports, the absence of intense traffic and an unbeatable climate, living near the sea helps us to have a more active life, that affects the improvement of our physical and mental health.

Reduce Stress with an Apartment on the Beachfront

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the tranquility of the sea and the coastal environment in general, helps to eliminate accumulated stress and maintain lower stress levels.

General well-being.

The feeling of happiness and the stays in coastal space help to create a state of "general well-being" in people.

Improve your Breathing.

live near the sea improves our breathing. The humidity of the sea and the iodine dissolved in the air favor the reduction of bacteria in our respiratory system.

Help your metabolism.

The sea is the most abundant source of iodine in the world and helps us regulate our metabolism.

Living near the sea influences our beauty.

The sand from the beach restores our beauty (yes, as you read), because it is the best natural exfoliant for the skin. 

Seawater can tone the skin and muscles. The movement of the waves has a massage effect on our body, which promotes circulation and conditioning of muscle fibers. 

Let's enjoy the environment with Activities

live by the sea allows us to carry out unique activities. If we live by the sea, swimming, diving or simply walking by the sea, are some of the daily activities that we can do. 

In addition, the relaxed atmosphere of the beach coast allows us to achieve better results when practicing yoga, Tai Chi or any daily exercise. 

On the coast, the accessibility of the space is better, so we can use this infrastructure to move around, carry out activities and enjoy the terrace to sunbathe, read, play, rest... 

Carrying out cultural and spiritual reward activities favors your physical and mental relaxation. live by the sea It allows you to engage in activities such as writing memories, reading books, learning to play a musical instrument, or immersing yourself in the art of painting.

Buy an Apartment on the Beach

For these reasons, among others, buy an apartment on the beach It becomes an intelligent decision, which improves our quality of life, our health, well-being and more, when this apartment is located in Oropesa del Mar, on the beachfront and is delivered fully equipped, furnished and decorated... ready to move into .

From Inseryal by Marina D´Or we have in sale apartments in pbeachfront in oropesa del mar and we are aware of the infinity of benefits that our Apartments for sale in Oropesa del Mar In beachfront. We are located in Marina d'Or the Holiday City. Come meet us, we have a lot to tell you.

All the best.

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