The excitement of the Mediterranean Epic Grando Fondo


The Mediterranean Epic Gran Fondo is more than a mountain bike race that you can experience from your beachfront apartment; It is an epic experience that combines the beauty of the sea and the mountains in a spectacular environment. Held in Oropesa del Mar (Castellón) next Saturday, April 27, 2024, this race offers you the opportunity to experience the Mediterranean climate at its maximum splendor. The race is sponsored by Rotor, this competition brings together the best cyclists in an unforgettable adventure full of adrenaline and impressive landscapes. 


Stages and Challenges

The route will have a total distance of 206 kilometers and more than approximately 3,500 meters of accumulated elevation gain. It is quite a challenge for the most intrepid cyclists and not suitable for everyone! For all those who do not want/can't do the full route, there will be 2 checkpoints to cut a few kilometres.


Stage 1: A 19-kilometer time trial with 550 meters of positive elevation gain, starting at the Torre del Rey and culminating in the well-known Marina d'Or Resort, challenging the runners with technical climbs and fun descents. 


Mediterranean Epic


Stage 2: 76 kilometers with 2,200 meters of positive slope, this stage takes the runners through Castellón, Borriol, and Sant Joan de Moró, standing out for its fast and technical trails.


Mediterranean Epic


Stage 3: With 105 kilometers and 2,120 meters of positive gradient, this stage is known for its rolling route that begins at La Concha beach and takes cyclists through significant ascents and descents.


Mediterranean Epic


Stage 4: The final stage of 52 kilometers with 1,150 meters of positive gradient, presents three challenging segments, including the ascent to the Oropesa del Mar radar and the spectacular descent of “Cuartero”.


Mediterranean Epic


Emotion and Competitive Spirit


The Mediterranean Epic Gran Fondo is not only a mountain bike race, it is an event that sparks palpable excitement and a competitive spirit among participants and spectators alike. The combination of challenging stages and spectacular landscapes creates an atmosphere full of adrenaline and determination.


Enjoy the Mediterranean Epic Gran Fondo from your Beachfront Apartment


The moments shared before, during and after the race create lasting bonds between participants, fostering a network of friendships and connections that transcend the competition itself. Additionally, the event attracts cycling enthusiasts from all over, turning Oropesa del Mar into a vibrant, multicultural meeting point where stories, advice and experiences are exchanged, thus enriching the collective experience of everyone involved.


Arrival at the finish line in Marina d'Or


The Mediterranean Epic Gran Fondo race concludes in the well-known Holiday Resort Marina d'OR, not only marking the end of an arduous day of competition, but also beginning an exciting celebration. Participants and spectators gather at this emblematic beachfront location, where the race finish line shines under the warm Mediterranean sun. Here, in this unique meeting point, the excitement of competition merges with the relaxed and festive atmosphere of the beach.


A lively atmosphere is generated, where joy and camaraderie mix with the sound of the waves breaking on the coast. Participants celebrate their achievements, exchange stories from the race and relax on the beach, enjoying the company of friends and family in an idyllic setting.

Enjoy the Mediterranean Epic Gran Fondo from your Beachfront Apartment


The area where the event ends is a charm, it is a residential area where beachfront apartments are located with their pools and views of the Mediterranean Sea with direct access to the beach, it is a dream to have an apartment in this enclave.

However, purchasing an apartment in Oropesa del Mar is not only an investment in your quality of life, but also an astute financial decision. The growing popularity of the area, driven by events such as the Mediterranean Epic Gran Fondo, ensures continued added value to your property.




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Apartments facing the sea


With their proximity to the beach and all the necessary amenities, these apartments are the perfect choice if you are looking for a property in Spain to enjoy more than 300 days of sun.


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