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Going on vacation in summer and making the most of the sun, sand and sea with family or friends is priceless. But every summer, the prices of first-class hotels and apartments go up, and if we talk about the months of July and August, we throw our hands up our heads. For this reason, those who choose the coast every summer ask themselves why not buy their own apartment on the beach?

As experts in the area of Oropesa del MarGiven our experience in the promotion, construction and sale of apartments in the Marina d'Or area, we can offer you several benefits.

What benefits can buying an apartment in Oropesa del Mar offer?

We will start by talking about the best advantages that you can get by owning a beach house in Spain.

By spending a lot of time at home, buyers demand certain aspects that were previously unappreciated. In the first place, it is choosing a home where you feel comfortable and at ease. Beyond that, people prefer apartments with a terrace, where you can enjoy a private outdoor space and if you have the luxury of sea views, even better.

On the other hand, the great boom in teleworking has led clients to demand spaces with good views, where they can carry out their work functions. New buyers need this kind of space when making a decision. In all of them, there is a clear preference for homes with a terrace and sea views.

If you have an apartment with a terrace on the beachfront, it will be a plus that will make you enjoy your home even more.

Buying an apartment in Oropesa del Mar gives an opportunity different from that of another type of vacation.

your apartment You can use it at any time of the year, without having that headache of when to book and without feeling that concern that prices go up and you have to book as soon as possible. If the number of people in your family is also large, be prepared to pay an even higher price. 

With your own apartment on the beach you have the freedom to use it several months a year. If you are enjoying retirement, it may even be your permanent home.

Many times you think, it would be better to be traveling. Good, traveling is overrated for many people. There are people who do not consider traveling to be charming, but rather prefer quieter vacations. It may even happen that you like to have a relationship with the neighbors who go to the same place every year or that your children have friends on the beach and are more independent.

maybe the families are the ones who most appreciate the virtues and benefits of buying a apartment at the beach. Buying an apartment in Oropesa del Mar allows greater freedom for families with children, food is prepared at home, lowering the cost of paying for lunch and dinner for all family members for a whole week, in restaurants or hotels.

buy apartment in Oropesa del Mar

Buy apartment on the beach with Inseryal by Marina d'Or.

From insert, we want you to find the best apartment, at a really attractive price and with the maximum possible benefits.

For this reason we want to recommend the area of Oropesa del Mar/ Cabanes, where we sell new construction apartments, which are delivered fully furnished, equipped and decorated, ready to move into! And not only this, you will also be able to enjoy the benefits of all the services of Marina d'Or Ciudad de Vacaciones, since we provide an owner Vip card where you can enjoy discounts of up to 12% on different services.


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