Investment in marina d'or: 40M of ambition and renovation


strong group and Magic Costa Blanca have announced an ambitious investment in Marina d'Or of 40 million euros. This strategic alliance, involving 50% in the ownership of the tourist complex, has the main objective of repositioning the destination to attract international markets, aspiring to become one of the main tourist destinations in Europe.


Marina Dor Complex


The comprehensive remodeling of Marina d'Or will focus on its hotels, approximately 1,400 rooms, with the aim of reopening the doors of the complex in the summer of 2024. This ambitious project not only seeks to improve the customer experience, especially oriented towards tourism international, but also promote the destination, generate employment and diversify the offer to deseasonalize tourism.

In addition to the three hotels in Oropesa, the acquisition included properties in Vila-real, adventure parks, aquatic parks, enchanted gardens and various commercial and restaurant establishments, both themed and conventional.


Purchase of Marina D'Or


The sale of Marina d'Or came after the Farallon investment fund acquired the “resort town” four years ago for more than 120 million euros. The unexpected closure of all hotels and the spa last September marked the premature end of the season, anticipating the current transaction.

Investment in Marina d'or

In the words of the new owners, the The renovation will be carried out considering sustainability criteria, betting on an efficient and committed hotel management model both with the environment and with society. Sustainability will be a fundamental pillar in this ambitious project.

Grupo Fuertes, with a business volume that exceeded 2.3 billion euros in 2022, and Magic Costa Blanca, with 50 years of experience in the tourism sector, already share ownership at 50% in Magic Natura, a resort located in the Terra zoo Natura de Benidorm, thus consolidating a successful collaboration in the sector. This new chapter at Marina d'Or promises to not only transform the resort but also redefine the tourism experience in the region.


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