Living on the beach, Oropesa del Mar (Castellón)

Living on the beach, on the first line

Have you ever considered living by the beach 365 days a year?

People say that buy an apartment on the beach It is always expensive and is not available to everyone, well we tell you that this is not the case, because with the new installment plan that we have in it is totally possible, and for a monthly mortgage contribution from your bank, the value of which is much lower than renting your house in Madrid, Barcelona, or any big city.

Living on the beach is not for the rich, with insert  You have the opportunity to have views of the sea all year round, so that you and your children can enjoy together.

Living on the beach year-round improves your life

In the end, seeing the sea every morning gives us peace and happiness, and isn't that one of the most important things in our day to day? Having quality of life and health is something that we all need and that after these last few years we have more in mind.

Home prices are going up, and this gives us an opportunity to make a profitable investment, living on the beach, are only advantages.

Living next to the beach is no longer just getting up in the morning and seeing an incredible sunrise, but it is also understanding how it can change your routine and the desire to start the day. You can do sports on the beach, meditate, or simply contemplate the sea from the terrace of your apartment.

Take away the stress of the city, the crowd of people, the pollution, the hustle and bustle of always living in a hurry and with traffic jams, if you stop for a second to think about it, it really isn't worth it, it's much better to live next to the beach in front of the sea.

The 300 sunny days a year in the Oropesa del Mar beach, It will make you live on a constant vacation, and who doesn't want to feel that feeling? is to feel tranquility, peace and health.

Do you know Marina d'Or? is the most famous holiday city in Spain and it is next to the Ciudad Jardín I Building, Ciudad Jardín II Building and our Miramar Building is located right inside this wonderful city. 

Living by the beach benefits your health

Many studies and health professionals agree that living on the beach, provides great health benefits.

Living on the beach changes your day to day, not everyone is lucky enough to walk on the beach, feel the smell of the sea, the sensation that the sound of the waves gives you. Walking barefoot through the sand is a natural antidepressant.

Those who live on the beach have the option of bathing all year round and enjoying something like this is feeling lucky.

Get away from the sound of the city, just listen to the waves, the birds, forgetting about the noise of the cars, we allows to improve sleep rhythms.

Sea water favors the skin, healing, eliminates acne. Living on the beach has many benefits, the sun is perfect for obtaining vitamin D.

The iodine, the salt, the quality of the sea air, I could reduce asthma problems, improve the skin, and allergies, stimulates the immune system.

Now that you know all the advantages and benefits of living on the beach, from InseryalWe suggest you come and meet us!

Living on the beach, on the first line, with an apartment furnished, equipped, decorated, ready to move into. One, two and three bedroom apartments, you choose.

CrLet's live together, the most beautiful home in the world, yours

Come meet us for FREE at Ciudad Jardín II!

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