Spain is a country where a third of families have a second residence. Experts believe that during the summer more families decide to buy their vacation home, forgetting about having to find accommodation for their vacations for several years in a row.

Either to enjoy or as an investment which you plan to rent later, buy house on the beach always requires taking into account a number of factors.

When someone talks to you about whether a beach house is worth buying, they are speaking from their point of view. Everyone makes different decisions, but if your desire is to enjoy a place where you can wake up to the sound of the sea and bathe under the stars, that desire is priceless. Everything else no longer matters.

According to the INE, the average price of a house on the beach in Spain is 1,350 euros per square meter. If this seems expensive to you, think about how much you spend every time you go on vacation? You will have to take this into account, since having a house on the beach can generate great savings for life, whether you go on vacation or if you consider the possibility of renting that house all year round so that the mortgage practically pays for itself.

4 fundamental tips before buying a house on the beach

With great power comes great responsibility, so there are several issues to consider.

  • Decide in which area to buy.
  • First or second residence?
  • How are you going to pay for it?
  • Know all the expenses associated with housing.

Decide in which area to buy

When it comes to buying a beach house there are two factors that need to be considered. It is not only about looking at the price and verifying that, in the medium and long term, it can be a profitable investment, but advocating for a place where we are comfortable escaping from reality

Therefore, what we recommend is that if you want a house on the beach to rest, choose the areas where you would feel comfortable. Once you have them on the table, make the decision based on the benefits that this new house on the beach can bring you, whether they are economic or for personal enjoyment.

First or second residence?

For some reason, we associate buying a beach house with a second home, but there are more and more people who want to wake up every day with the sound of the sea.

Depending on the circumstances and the comforts that each one is looking for, buying an apartment on the beach can be your habitual residence.

How are you going to pay for it?

Are you clear about what type of mortgage you will choose? whatfixed rate either variable rate? Have you thought about options? You have to put all the cards on the table.

Do you know the expenses associated with buying a house on the beach?

You have to find out about the expenses that buying a house on the beach entails, always keeping in mind that the expense you have can be recovered with that investment in a medium-term period. Like the profits that can occur in the medium term depending on the expense involved in the purchase.

According to a study by Fotocasa, one of the cheapest provinces on the Spanish coast to buy a house on the beach is Castellón. And within Castellón, one of the best-known towns is Oropesa del Mar, where Marina d'Or Holiday City, the vacation spot par excellence. In this area you can find our construction company Insert by Marina d'Or. We sell new-build apartments that can be purchased off-plan, others that are already built or under construction. These apartments are located on the beachfront next to the Marina d'Or holiday complex.

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