Sun, beach, and a peculiar microclimate that makes it a special place, which allows more than 300 sunny days a year, which is why it is a perfect place to enjoy this town and other towns close to this paradise.

Prepare your agenda and write down the following 7 things to do in Oropesa del Mar and surrounding areas.

1. Relax on all the beaches of Oropesa del Mar:

12 kilometers of coastline and seven beaches that offer diversity for all tastes: open beaches of fine sand, hidden coves, family beaches, wild sand and rock beaches...

oropesa of the sea
7 Things to Do in Oropesa del Mar and Surroundings
oropesa of the sea


Also, three of these beaches: les Amplaries (next to Marina d'Or Holiday City), Morro de Gos and La Concha – are fully accessible beaches with Blue Flag certification according to the list issued by this body in 2022.

Les Platgetes de Bellver are coves of fine sand that also have this award certifying the quality of its waters and its natural environment.

In the Amplaries beach (next to Marina d'Or Holiday City), You will also find a beach with grass where you can sunbathe and practice some water sports such as water skiing and sailing.



2. Be amazed by all the routes and excursions from Oropesa del Mar:

It comprises 19 towns in the interior of the province of Castellón.

Forests, castles, mills and even trenches from the Civil War where you can get lost in a unique natural environment declared a protected natural area of the Valencian Community.


Enjoy the longest navigable underground river in all of Europe.


The old train tracks that bordered the coast between Oropesa and Benicasim gave rise to the construction of this green path accompanied by the sea.

Six kilometers suitable for both cyclists and pedestrians and also a perfect family plan, since the road is flat and accessible in its entirety.

If you want more information, download here the Greenway guide.



  • Desert of the Palms (Benicàssim, Cabanes, La Pobla Tornesa, Borriol and Castelló de la Plana).

More than 3,000 hectares that provide lungs for Benicàssim, Cabanes, La Pobla Tornesa, Borriol and Castelló de la Plana.

In it you can make numerous routes of different difficulty. To highlight the ruins of the Carmelite convent and the views of the coast from its highest peaks.


  • Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca Natural Park (Cabanes, Castellon)

It is a protected natural space with 865 hectares of breadth.

It is home to several freshwater springs and some protected species that reside only in this area and are in danger of extinction, such as the marsh harrier and the samarugo fish.


This Tower shares its name with its own archaeological site, its beach and the old fishing village that settled at the foot of this almost virgin beach.

7 Things to Do in Oropesa del Mar and Surroundings


  • The Oropesa del Mar Viewpoint

If you are in love with the views, you will not want to miss this panoramic view from the top of Oropesa.

It is accessed via a road from the marina.

  • Oropesa del Mar old town

Discover the history of this municipality whose remains date back to the Stone Age.

Among its most unique buildings we highlight the Castle from the 8th century, the Oropesa del Mar museum and the chapel of the Virgen de la Paciencia.

The Castle of Oropesa del Mar was initially built by the Muslim conquest and belonged to the order of the Hospitallers until it was conquered by King Jaime I.

It has visiting hours from 09:00 to 21:00 in summer and guided tours for those most interested in its history.



3. Spend the day in the Oropesa del Mar Yacht Club:

Perfect for eating in front of the sea in any of its four restaurants and then strolling through its facilities.

It offers a sailing and windsurfing school, kayaking, jet ski rental service and diving training among other activities.

From the port you have the option of choosing different catamaran excursions along the Mediterranean coast, and going to the volcanic archipelago of the Columbretes Islands.

Oropesa del Mar

4. Visit the Columbretes Islands:

This group of islets 48 km from the coast is a small oasis of life halfway between the Balearic Islands and the Iberian Peninsula.

In it you can see craters and remains of the chimney of an extinct volcano, as well as unique marine species, visible snorkeling and diving in its waters.

we leave you here the link to the excursions that are made to this protected natural area.



5. Get to know the Patron Saint Festivities of Oropesa del Mar:

  • San Jaime Patron Saint Festivities.

The San Jaime festivities arrive in Oropesa del Mar in the middle of the tourist season (July 25).

The population celebrates the patron saint festivities in the month of October, with the main festival being the first Sunday of the month.


6. Enjoy the local gastronomy:

  • Try the Paella, the Arroz a banda, the Paella with espardeñas, the ''Rossejat'', the Paella with rice with lobster, with lobster, black rice or rice with duck...
  • Discover the Olla de Castellón. It is a typical autumn dish also known as ''olleta de la Plana''.
  • Taste the "Ximo de Castellón". A batter filled with tuna, egg and tomato with a shape similar to that of a sandwich.
  • Do not miss the artichokes from Benicarló or the prawns from Vinaroz, both with Denomination of Origin and international fame.
  • Accompany the coffee with the "Pá-nolí" that sweetens the major festivals of Castellón (fiestas de la Magdalena). A cake made with flour, lemon, anise and oil, angel hair and sweet potato jam.

We leave you here the 12 best restaurants in the Province of Castellón according to the Michelin Guide 2022:


7. Enjoy the acquaintance Holiday Town Marina d'Or:


Marina d'Or has leisure and relaxation options for all ages and tastes.

In Marina d'Or you will find 3,4 and 5 star hotels, apartments on the first and second line of the beach, the largest seawater spa in Europe, leisure parks, a Wellness center, restaurants and other interesting activities a few minutes from Oropesa del Mar. On the other hand, you will also find apartments for sale in Marina d'Or.

The Spa area has a covered and an uncovered area. It has swimming pools, jacuzzis, themed children's area, showers, steam baths...

Also enjoy its different Leisure parks for the whole family, where you will find the following parks for all ages:

  • Amusement Park Fantasy World

Mini-karts, logs on water, trampolines, a pirate ship, an inflatable climbing pyramid... even a 4D cinema to enjoy with the little ones.

  • Enchanted Garden

Flowers, waterfalls, fountains and mythological characters in a magical world with its own show.

The trees move and talk to the little ones while the fairies, gnomes and fauns accompany them on the tour.

  • Polynesian Water Park

54 different activities and attractions designed for children, young people and adults.

Hydrotubes, play pools, wave pools, high-speed water dunes, a river to ride on inflatables... multiple water attractions to enjoy in summer and occasionally out of season in its covered area.

  • Or Adventure Park

Amusement park where children and adults can share their fun.

It has ''the great slide'', where you can accompany your children to experience adrenaline from the age of three.

If you want more, dare to try our 37-meter-high Shuttle where you can hold your breath, do you dare?

  • Kids Zone Spa

Within the Marina d'Or Spa, is this themed space designed especially for children between zero and five years of age.

It is a soundproof and independent area with water cannons, slides, a pirate ship, water games...

Enjoy its Wellness Center and its 192 treatments created especially for you (massages, wraps, physiotherapy...)

7 Things to Do in Oropesa del Mar and Surroundings
7 Things to Do in Oropesa del Mar and Surroundings
7 Things to Do in Oropesa del Mar and Surroundings
7 Things to Do in Oropesa del Mar and Surroundings
7 Things to Do in Oropesa del Mar and Surroundings
7 Things to Do in Oropesa del Mar and Surroundings
7 Things to Do in Oropesa del Mar and Surroundings


If you want to practice tennis or paddle tennis, you also have several sports and recreational facilities.

Several restaurants and cafeterias bring those who enjoy their facilities to the table, and various shows and performances surprise the public at sunset.

The Float Parades make the little ones fall in love with their figures and lights, a show they will never forget.

Next to the three-star hotel you will find the Marina d'Or Beach Shopping Center to buy everything you need just a few minutes from your summer residence.

You also have several shopping centers 30 minutes from Marina d'Or (the Estepark Shopping Center - with its premium cinema Ocine- and La Salera shopping center) where to buy leading brands such as Massimo Dutti, Benetton Moda or Etam.

If you fancy a game of black jack or poker, enjoy the Great Casino of Castellón ''Orenes''. It offers numerous gaming tables, slot machines, sports betting, events, theme parties and five gastronomic offers that combine good restaurants and quality cocktails.

If you are thinking of living in Oropesa del Mar, do not miss out on visiting us, you will find a surprising world that offers you the best plan for your vacations.

Ask us about our new construction apartments in Oropesa and our Townhouses on Torre la Sal Beach.

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