Discover the Best Beaches and Coves in Oropesa del Mar


We take you on a tour of the 7 most outstanding beaches and coves in Oropesa del Mar, where you can discover the unique characteristics of each one, the services available and everything you need to plan your visit.


The Best Beaches and Coves in Oropesa del Mar 


La Concha beach


Oropesa del Mar


Named after the shape of its bay, this urban beach is ideal for those seeking tranquility without leaving the comfort of the city. The length of the beach is 700 meters with an average width of 80 meters.


Located in the southern part of Oropesa del Mar and with its calm waters it provides very good bathing conditions for bathing, as well as for practicing water sports such as kayaking or paddle surfing. 


Morro de Gos Beach

Beaches and coves


It is probably the best-known beach in Oropesa del Mar since it has been the main beach since the 1950s. Extending for more than 2,000 meters, it offers quiet areas in its northern part until little by little you reach the northern part of the beach. where it is filled with umbrellas, hammocks, beach bars and other beach services.


Renega Beach


Renega Beach, Oropesa del Mar


It is a set of small coves that we could call virgin, with coarse stone-like sand. It is located in a protected natural environment, accessible by a path, with very beautiful landscapes. 


It is more than 1,000 meters long, it is ideal for those who like to practice snorkeling or diving, in addition to enjoying nature in its purest form.


However, due to the abrupt physiognomy of its coves and its waves, it is chosen by the most adventurous and naturalistic.


On the other hand, at the end or beginning of the greenway from Oropesa del Mar we find another small cove known as Cala Retor, it is a small and very quiet cove. 


It is ideal for those who like to practice diving or snorkeling due to its crystal clear waters.


Cala Oropesa la Vella


Oropesa del Mar

A small extension of La Concha beach, this cove offers an intimate atmosphere ideal for relaxing, reading a book or simply enjoying the sun.

It is a small cove just 100 meters long with fine golden sand.


Bellver Beach

Oropesa del Mar

On this small 350-meter beach next to the urbanization of the same name you will find a calm sea, perfect for cooling off without worries as it is protected by a breakwater. 


Its sand is fine and pleasant, with shallow depth and moderate waves, it is ideal for bathing with children. However, it must be taken into account that it is a nudist beach.


Amplaries beach

Oropesa del Mar

Also known for being the Marina d'Or beach (currently Magic World). Around 2,500 meters long and 40 meters wide, it is the most special beach chosen by tourists who visit this town.


The peculiarity of Les Amplaries beach is that it has a grassy garden area that is perfect for those who prefer it over sand.


It has a long promenade that at night is full of life since the Magic World tourist complex (La Nueva Marina d'Or) is located, especially now in summer there is a large crowd of people for all the leisure that we can find such as ice cream parlors. , pubs, bars, restaurants, endless services.


Winter is calmer, and in Marina d'Or there are holidays all year round.




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Oropesa del Mar


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