INSERYAL has taken a significant step towards reality with the successful delivery of its modern new construction beachfront apartments: Garden City 2. This company, recognized for its commitment to excellence and innovation in real estate development, has realized the dreams of many by providing quality homes that combine luxury, comfort and an unparalleled location next to a extremely competitive market price.


Innovative and Modern Design:

The Ciudad Jardín 2 apartments stand out for their innovative and modern design, which combines contemporary aesthetics with exceptional functionality. From the moment homeowners cross the threshold, they are greeted by bright spaces, high-end finishes, and architectural details that reflect meticulous attention to every detail.

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Prime location:

Located in Oropesa del Mar – Cabanes, Castellón, Ciudad Jardín 2 It is located in the epicenter of coastal life, surrounded by amenities, restaurants and services that enrich the quality of life of its residents. The beachfront location not only adds aesthetic value, but also provides residents with direct access to the beach and the ability to enjoy spectacular sunsets from the comfort of their homes.

Exceptional Environments:

Ciudad Jardín 2 not only offers proximity to the sea, but also exceptional environments that invite relaxation and enjoyment of nature. Carefully designed gardens, green areas and recreational areas complement the experience of living in this exclusive real estate development.

Customer Experience – Alex:

Alex, recently an owner at Ciudad Jardín 2, shares his excitement during the delivery of his new beachfront apartment:


«From the first day I visited Ciudad Jardín 2, I knew that this would be my home. The build quality, location, and design details exceeded my expectations. INSERYAL not only provided me with a house, but with an experience like no other. “I am delighted to have made this decision and now have the privilege of calling this beautiful place my home.”

Apartment delivery in 2024: Quality facing the sea

The delivery of homes marks the beginning of a new stage for owners, and INSERYAL has excelled in providing a hassle-free experience. From the purchasing process to final delivery, the company has prioritized customer satisfaction, ensuring a smooth transition and the materialization of the dreams of those who trusted them to build their home.

Ciudad Jardín 2 is much more than a real estate development; is the realization of dreams, the promise of quality of life and evidence of INSERYAL's commitment to excellence. This project not only represents a milestone for the company, but also an exciting chapter for those fortunate enough to now call these stunning beachfront apartments home.

Sun and sea
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