Castellón Airport will expand its connectivity with new national and European routes

Ryanair and Volotea present offers to operate connections with key destinations in Europe and Spain.
The Castellon Airport is preparing to expand its horizon with the introduction of new air routes to European and national destinations, thus enhancing its flight offer and its position in the air transport market.

The public entity Aerocas has received offers from two airline companies in response to public tenders organized specifically to promote the Castellón airport. These proposals are aimed at implementing positioning campaigns that are directly related to the management and operation of new air routes.

Vicente Martínez Mus, general director of Coasts, Ports and Airports of the Department of Environment, Water, Infrastructure and Territory, has highlighted the goal of "increasing the connectivity of the Castellón airport by incorporating regular air routes that strengthen and expand the spectrum current number of available flights.

In line with this purpose, Aerocas has launched two important campaigns. The first seeks to establish new connections with European destinations, while the second focuses on strengthening and maintaining national routes, underlining the central role of Castellón airport in the development of the region's air infrastructure.


Historic center of Oropesa del Mar

These new routes can benefit Castellón airport and the region in economic and tourist terms.

Aerocas has announced the receipt of two promising offers that mean a boost for the local economy: Ryanair has presented its candidacy for the campaign that seeks to expand the flight network to Europe, while Volotea has focused on the national market, proposing a route towards Bilbao.

This evolution meets not only administrative requirements, but also opens a range of possibilities for the evaluation of technical and financial factors. This includes marketing plans, new routes that could link Castellón with key European destinations and the projection of an increase in passenger flow, all of which are crucial factors for those considering real estate investment in the area.

The contract for the expansion of flights to Europe provides for the introduction of at least four new annual or seasonal routes, connecting with important markets such as France, Germany, northern Italy and possibly the United Kingdom. These developments, the details of which will be refined in the coming weeks, are expected to encourage tourism and, with it, increase opportunities for real estate investors in Castellón and Oropesa del Mar.

With the expectation that these routes will be activated in a phased manner over the next four years, the first phase will begin in 2024 with at least two connections, expanding to four by 2026. Each one will operate with a minimum of two weekly frequencies, promising a constant influx of visitors to the region.

This constant and growing tourist and business influx strengthens the argument for invest in apartments and properties in Castellón and Oropesa del Mar, where the potential value is on the rise. With a strategic location that will soon be even more accessible thanks to these new air routes, these destinations are emerging as a smart choice for investors looking to take advantage of the expansion of air connections to ensure a solid return on their real estate investments.



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