Investors focus on the real estate sector. Buying a home to rent it offers returns of up to 10%.

Buy a house to rent

The real estate sector has become a recurring investment for homes, more and more people are considering buying a home as a profitable investment.

The high liquidity, added to dizzying inflation, has made the real estate sector, especially housing, reinforce the refuge value of investors seeking shelter. Thus, according to the Idealista study, more than 14% of Spaniards are considering buying a home as an investment, thanks to the profitability generated by renting in 2022, which has reached 10%, the highest rate of return among investments.

In the latest price report also published by idealistic, the profitability of housing comes from the rise in rental prices. These rose by 2.2% in the first quarter of this year 2022.

Barcelona stands out as the most expensive capital to rent with 16.5 euros per square meter, ahead of Madrid with 14.1 euros. By provinces, the biggest rent increases in April occurred in Huelva (5.4%) and the Balearic Islands (5.1%). But there was also a big rise in other provinces such as Valencia (5%) and Castellón (4.9%).

According to the blog of Idealistic, the interest of investors in housing is attributed to the fact that household savings have grown significantly since the beginning of 2020. The inflation scenario will make the purchase of housing even more attractive as an investment product and The real estate sector will again be a refuge value for those who demand an investment in assets. The real estate sector continues to demonstrate its strength and dynamism, making us see that it is one of the safest markets for investors.

Taking into account all the data discussed above, buying a home as an investment is one of the most attractive assets in 2022 for those looking for a profitable and stable investment.

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