Buy new apartment in Oropesa del Mar, a sustainable tourist destination.


Oropesa del Mar, a coastal town with great tourist attraction, has presented a comprehensive plan that seeks to promote sustainable tourism in the area through the implementation of specific actions.

These actions are designed to improve the quality of life of residents and offer visitors a unique experience, while respecting the environment and promoting local development.

The comprehensive plan presented by Oropesa del Mar seeks to promote sustainable tourism in the area through specific actions. These actions are designed to improve the quality of life of residents and offer visitors a unique and environmentally friendly experience.


if you're thinking buy new apartment in Oropesa del Mar, you are interested in knowing these proposed measures:


  1. Climate Action Plan and Sustainable Energy: This plan seeks to reduce the area's carbon footprint and promote the use of clean and renewable energy sources.


  1. Dissemination of a guide for climate change in the tourism sector: this guide aims to raise awareness among tourists and local companies about the importance of reducing the negative impact of tourism on the environment. Provides information on how to adopt sustainable tourism practices and promote responsible tourism.


  1. Renovation and beautification of the historic center: this action seeks to preserve the cultural heritage of the area and improve its tourist attraction.


  1. Installation of charging points for electric vehicles: this measure seeks to promote sustainable mobility and reduce pollution. The charging points will be available in different places in the town, to facilitate the mobility of residents and tourists who use electric vehicles.


  1. Sustainable mobility plan: this plan seeks to promote the use of sustainable means of transport, such as bicycles and public transport. This will help reduce traffic and pollution, while promoting healthy lifestyle habits.


  1. Lighting renewal: this measure seeks to improve energy efficiency and reduce light pollution. Advanced technologies will be used that allow greater efficiency.


  1. Digitization and innovation of the local tourist information service: this action seeks to improve the efficiency and quality of the tourist information service.


  1. Digital transformation of companies in the sector: this action seeks to improve the competitiveness and quality of tourism services in the area. The digitization of companies in the sector will be promoted to improve the efficiency and quality of the services offered.


  1. Tourist accessibility plan: this plan seeks to make the area more accessible for people with disabilities, guaranteeing that everyone can enjoy the beauty of Oropesa del Mar.


  1. Promotion of the gastronomic product: this action seeks to promote local gastronomy, one of the main tourist attractions in the area. The offer of local products will be promoted and innovation in gastronomy will be promoted.


  1. Improvement of the rescue and lifeguard service on the beaches: this action seeks to improve the safety of residents and tourists on the beaches of Oropesa del Mar.


In addition to being sustainable, Oropesa del Mar - Cabanes is an economic engine for Castellon

Tourism in Oropesa del Mar (Castellón) has experienced spectacular growth in recent years, generating more than 75 million euros in revenue for local businesses in 2022.


This increase is largely due to the diversification of the tourist offer and the effort of the local administration to promote the municipality as an ideal destination for national and international tourists.


The Role of Local Businesses in Tourism Development

Local companies have known how to adapt to the needs of visitors, offering high-quality services and products.


These include accommodation, restaurants, leisure and sports activities, as well as transport services and tourist guides.

This approach has allowed Oropesa del Mar to position itself as a top-level tourist destination in the Valencian Community.


Accommodation: Hotels, Apartments and Campings

Oropesa has a wide range of accommodation for all tastes and budgets. From the luxurious Hotel Marina d'Or Balneario 5*, with all the comforts, to tourist apartments and campsites that allow you to enjoy nature in a privileged environment.


Gastronomy: Restaurants and Tapas Bars

Gastronomy is one of the main attractions of Oropesa. The variety of restaurants and tapas bars allows visitors to taste the best dishes of local and Mediterranean cuisine.


Leisure and Sports Activities

Oropesa del Mar offers a large number of leisure and sports activities for all audiences. These include hiking and cycling routes and water activities such as diving.


Investments and Improvements in Tourism Infrastructures

To maintain this rate of growth and continue to attract more tourists, both the local administration and companies in the sector have made significant investments in tourism infrastructure. These investments include improvements to roads, tourist signs, the renovation of beaches and promenades, as well as the creation of new spaces for leisure and sports.


The beaches of Oropesa del Mar are one of its main attractions. For this reason, a renovation and maintenance plan has been carried out that includes the cleaning and adaptation of the beaches, the installation of wooden walkways and the improvement of lifeguard and surveillance services.


The apartments on the first line Ciudad Jardín offer impressive views and have direct access to the beach from the door of the buildings.


They are located on the border between Oropesa del Mar and Cabanes and offer all the services, amenities and tranquility that characterizes this area.

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