Buy new apartment in Marina d´or

Before all, for buy new apartment in Marina d'Or we have to position where Marina d'Or is located. Marina d'Or belongs to the town of Oropesa del Mar in Castellón, Valencian Community.

Marina d'Or has always been known for being one of the holiday destinations par excellence in Spain. Since you can find all the leisure you are looking for to have a good time with the family, as well as the tranquility that a small town can give you.

Marina d'Or Holiday City, has 8 leisure parks, more than 100 shops and restaurants. In the tourist complex we can also find 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and the largest marine water spa in Europe. Without forgetting its extensive beaches and garden areas of more than 300,000m2.

If you're thinking of buy new apartment in Marina d´Or, it may be the ideal place to do it. Whether you want to make an investment with an apartment on the beachfront to be able to rent it during vacation periods, or if you want to buy an apartment on the beach to retire and enjoy everything that living in front of the Mediterranean Sea in a locality can bring you. like Oropesa del Mar.

Marina d'Or is one of the places where a large part of foreign people spend the summer or spend long periods of the year renting accommodation, since the Levantine coast has more than 300 sunny days a year.

When we make an investment, whether it is the purchase of a new apartment in Marina d'Or to live in or to invest, there are many factors to take into account.

Here are some of them:

  • Economic benefits of the purchase: something very important or at least one of the things we give the most importance to, is the price of that purchase. Buying a new apartment in Marina d'Or never sounds cheap, but what if I told you that Castellón is one of the cheapest provinces on the Spanish coast? Castellón is classified as the perfect province to buy a new apartment in Marina d'Or, since it is a province with quite cheap prices compared to other coasts when looking for beachfront apartments.
  • profitable investment. When we decide to buy to rent and obtain an economic benefit, we look for the place to buy that apartment on the beachfront to be a safe investment, with which to achieve long-term profitability. Marina d'Or Holiday City, as its name suggests, is the perfect place to spend the summer and enjoy the different services offered by both Marina d'Or and Oropesa del Mar. If what you are looking for is also tranquility, or even mountain, Oropesa del Mar can facilitate all this.
  • Costa del Levante is accessible. The eastern coast is located in a privileged place as it is close to large cities and large airports such as Madrid and Barcelona. The Valencia or Castellón airport also has great accessibility to reach the final destination, Oropesa del Mar.
  • Living in front of the Mediterranean Sea. If what we are looking for is to escape from the big cities and live in peace enjoying all the benefits for both health and general well-being, living in front of the sea will give us a feeling of full happiness.

Buy new apartment in Marina d´or

From Inseryal by Marina d'Or, we want to provide you with the opportunity to buy an apartment on the beach on the first line in Oropesa del Mar at a good price.

That you have the opportunity to make an investment in a profitable place and where you can enjoy its climate and beaches all year round. Marina d'Or can give you everything you are looking for when buying an apartment on the beach.

Our apartments are delivered furnished, equipped and decorated, ready to move into. We want our buyers to be able to enjoy these apartments as soon as they have the keys in hand.

Come and meet us and you will find your dream home