Buy cheap flat on the beach

The first step: Comparison of cheap beach apartments.

When we decide to buy a new residence, be it a second home or an apartment to invest, we logically look for the perfect quality-price comparison.

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In the case of buy flat on the beach cheap, you have to start by comparing where they are cheaper and which coasts are usually the best to make this purchase.

The real estate sector thus demonstrates that resist the onslaught of the pandemic: the joint profitability of housing reached 5.6% at the end of last year, and quite similar results are expected for 2022.

After knowing all these facts

How to buy a cheap apartment on the beach this year
Buy cheap flat on the beach

, which are very important in order to carry out a purchase of a flat, you have to keep weighing all the variables that need to be analyzed to make a good decision.

In order for the purchase decision to be as economical as possible, we have to start by analyzing what are the cheapest areas of Spain for buy a house on the beach. There is a wide variety of prices between some coastal provinces and others.

The dream of many people is live in front of the sea or have a second home in a coastal area. Spain is the best country in Europe if what you are looking for is a high number of hours of sunshine and a pleasant climate which to enjoy most of the year.

There are different purposes when you decide to buy a home. Some people look for a second residence to enjoy with their family and escape from the city whenever they want, having a fixed place in which to spend their vacations. Others only look for an investment where get fixed money per month renting that second residence, or simply buying and selling that apartment at a better price.

There can be many cases that occur when it comes to buy a flat on the beach, but without a doubt one of the things that is sought is that it be cheap, so you have to do a search for the best coastal area to make the purchase.

The ideal question, at this point is, which are the most cheap from Spain to buy a flat near the beach?, the data from photohouse They point to places like Castellón, Lugo or Murcia. There, prices per square meter can cost a third of what they do in the most expensive coastal areas, such as Guipúzcoa, Barcelona or Vizcaya. Take out the calculator and take notes. 

Best provinces where to buy a cheap apartment on the beach

According to the report of photohouse These are the cities where you will find a cheap apartment on the coast.

  1. Castellon: Located in the Valencian Community, it is the cheapest coastal province of the Iberian Peninsula: the square meter is worth 1,105 euros, according to the calculation of 
  2. Murcia: is the second cheapest in Spain with 125 euros per square meter. 
  3. Lugo: it is located in the north, where its beautiful coastal towns stand out. This is the third cheapest province in Spain 162 euros per square meter. 
  4. Almería: Located in the south of Spain, it is the fourth cheapest for buy flat near the beach 188 euros per square meter.
  5. Huelva: complete with the fifth province of Spain more cheap for buy flat on the beach in Spain, also located in the south and next to Portugal

From insert we want you to find and be able to really buy that cheap beach flat and in front of the sea that you are looking for. For this reason the price of our beachfront apartments It is so tight and affordable for the buyer. The apartments are located in Castellón, the cheapest province in Spain according to a study carried out by photohouse. They are exactly located in Oropesa del Mar / Cabanes next to Marina d'Or Ciudad de Vacaciones, one of the most outstanding destinations within this province.

Remember that for buy a cheap apartment on the beach, it is necessary to know that they are not only in a splendid location within this province, but that they are also delivered furnished, equipped and decorated down to the last detail, ready to move into. In this way we give customers all the comforts and facilities so that as soon as they make the purchase, they can enjoy their new-build apartment on the very first line of the beach.


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