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Bank Flats: Opportunity or mistake?

When we are going to buy an apartment, many doubts and questions come to mind; and the bank flats They are always recommendations from a friend or close acquaintance.

buy bank flats
Buying a bank flat

We know that when buying, we look for the cheapest offer, the bargain that nobody has found, the best opportunity. And we start to think about it and ask ourselves, what are the cheapest apartments that we can find. bank flats They are one of the first options that come to mind, since they are reputed to be the cheapest. But be careful, since they can come with many problems, damages and charges that will make them not always the best investment.

We also ask ourselves which are the best areas in which to buy this first or second residence, so we wonder if these bank apartments are in the areas that really interest us.

Many studies indicate that the majority of people who buy when they reach an age is because they are looking for second homes or a profitable investment from which they can receive money every month. (buy to rent). Within these searches, the bank flats.

Other times they simply seek to buy a first residence to retire after paying rent for years in a big city.

There are many possible cases that can occur. But surely whenever we think of a second residence, a good investment or your home for retirement, the first thing that comes to mind is live in front of the sea.

Live in front of the sea and wake up every morning with ideal weather to go for a walk on the beach, enjoy the sun and sunrise with that joy that it provokes in you live in an apartment facing the Mediterranean sea It is one of the wishes that we have always wanted to fulfill.

What are Bank flats?

The bank flatsIn general, they are apartments that the bank repossesses and then they put up for sale much cheaper, but as I said before, you have to be very well informed of the conditions they have, since they are not always the best option.

Apartments in oropesa del mar
It is possible to find Apartments for sale with very good prices.

The bank flats They are usually very attractive to buyers, especially due to the financing conditions. Its main advantage is that the mortgages granted by entities for their own properties make it possible to finance more than 80%, they can be signed in terms of up to 40 years and they usually offer payment facilities, such as establishing a grace period during the first months.

But there is also new construction flats where banks can give you that 80% of the mortgage to finance your second residence.

Is buying bank flats cheaper?

It is something that has always been said, that bank flats are cheaper than new flats, but this does not have to be so. In fact, this is generally not the case, beyond some specific offers that some entities apply, the bank flats They don't have to be cheaper than the rest.

If it is true, but it is not a general rule, when buying a bench floor, financing is sometimes easier to come by, but nothing special compared to buy new construction apartments in Valencia.

Bank flats or new construction?

When we are looking to buy a new apartment, there are many options that we can consider. But we must think that if we want to make a good investment, we look for the most reliable option and the least headaches it can give us in the future.

For this reason, since bank apartments are second-hand, we have to see if they are really the best investment, even if they are somewhat cheaper in some cases. bank flats They can bring damage that after the years can become more serious. So if you really want the investment you are making to be profitable, a new construction apartment may be the best choice.



According to data supplied THE COUNTRY NEWSPAPER, following the past housing crisis that ended in 2014, there is a significant rise in the acquisition of real estate and in the value of the same that summarizes it in a complete article. The following comparative chart is based on apartments for sale on the beachfront:

  bench floor New construction Inserial
1 Bedroom Monthly Fee €599 Monthly Fee €449
2 bedrooms Monthly Fee €699  Monthly Fee €499

3 bedrooms

Monthly Fee €799 Monthly Fee €559

In summary, we cannot stop recommending our apartments in the Garden City Building I and Building Garden City II that promotes Insertion. as they are new construction apartments on the first line of the beach in Oropesa del Mar / Cabanes in Castellón. These apartments are delivered fully furnished, equipped and decorated, ready to move into

The purpose of this publication is to help you make a Reliable, simple investment at an enviable price. Since, not only do we help you to make your purchase payment as tight as possible, but we also give you the option of getting a monthly fee at a very low cost, such as €449 per month.

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