Advantages of working by the sea

After the arrival of COVID-19, the home office has become a very useful option for companies in the “new normal”. Working remotely or in a hybrid way is increasingly common because it is beneficial for both companies and workers and doing it in an idyllic environment is even better. Have you thought about the advantages of working by the sea?

Although adapting to a home office was initially a great challenge for companies, now, a few months later, we have found different ways to work in our homes efficiently, as if we were in the office itself. Due to this new situation, the sale in beach areas such as Castellón has increased.

Many people already know the advantages of working by the sea, the benefits of combining your work life with relaxation and the fun that living on the beach implies thanks to our apartments in Marina d'Or.

Advantages of working by the sea


The day to day on the coast means squeezing the most out of your free time, making the most of the summer and, also, increasing your work performance. In this article we show you some of the many advantages of work by the sea

1. Health prevention / work by the sea

Given the current situation, installing your office in the beach house reduces contact with others and provides a guarantee of health and safety.

Nowadays, in some jobs it is no longer necessary to physically interact with other people, in fact there are many platforms to be able to communicate efficiently with your colleagues online without losing the face to face.

Taking advantage of this and many other advantages of working by the sea may be within your reach, the orange blossom coast, with its 300 sunny days a year and a wonderful temperature both in summer and winter, it is an idyllic option for your house on the beach.

2. The relaxing sound of the sea / working by the sea

Another of the advantages of working by the sea means working with the best soundtrack and in a natural way!

Nothing beats the sound of a beach for peace, quiet, and relaxation. The sound of the waves of the sea and the breeze can improve concentration and reduce anxiety levels.

There is nothing better than taking a break from work and looking at the sea. You will feel their mood change for the better and their attention span increase to the optimum level for absorbing and retaining new information.

3. Visual tranquility / work by the sea

Visually, the color of the sea and the sky will affect our state of calm. In color psychology, blue evokes calm, coolness, and tranquility. That is, all these tones are good for our brain, so by using this natural background composition, it allows you to perform each task in a calmer way and with less stress.

4. Concentration / work by the sea

The presence of the sea can help you concentrate, that's right, working by the sea improves your concentration. The ocean is considered a catalyst and clean energy.

If you work on the beach, you can take advantage of the breaks between tasks to take a walk by the sea. This activity keeps you clear, awake and safe, which improves your attitude to face a new task. You also reactivate your muscles and improve your blood circulation.

5. Improve the respiratory system / work by the sea

The purity of the sea breeze also helps us relax the mind. The sea breeze produces serotonin, a happiness hormone that can relieve stress and anxiety and is perfect.

These are 5 of the advantages of working by the sea, but you can discover many more yourself. work by the sea it is to work more effectively and efficiently, it is to gain health and quality time, it is, in short: work happier.

From Inseryal by Marina D´Or we have in Apartments for sale in Oropesa del Mar/Cabanes. They are located in a privileged environment in the Province of Castellón, on the Costa de Azahar and next to all the services and activities of Marina d'Or and all the plans of Oropesa del Mar.

Our apartments new, on the first line of the beach, furnished, equipped and decorated They are the best opportunity to be able to work by the sea and be able to extend the summer as much as you want and as much as you need, for your health and that of your loved ones.

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