If we think of our perfect home, surely many of us imagine ourselves sitting on a terrace in the early morning sun and watching the waves every morning when we wake up. For this very reason, we anticipate that the dream of having an apartment on the beach as a habitual residence or buying a newly built apartment on the beach, on the beach is a luxury that we can achieve.

The newly built apartments on the beach They are a perfect investment to be able to get a long-term return. Any Apartment in beachfront It is a safe bet, since its real estate value will be greater than any other home because it will always have the extra value of being on the first line.

Analyzing the prices of the cost of sale of homes per square meter, many studies tell us that the province of Castellón is one of the cheapest for buy a newly built apartment on the beach on the coast of Spain. Therefore, buying an apartment in Castellón can be one of the cheapest investments if you are looking to buy a flat on the beach.

Buying an off-plan property on the beach and using it as a habitual residence can generate different benefits, both economic and for health.

Some of the healthy benefits of buying an apartment on the beach as a regular residence:

Relax your mind and body: Seeing, listening or being in the sea gives the brain a break and makes it feel more connected to its surroundings. The sound of the waves soothes and rejuvenates the mind and body.

Better mood: The iodine from the sea breeze balances serotonin levels, reducing anxiety and stress. That is why people who live near the sea have higher levels of happiness.

You will sleep better: The water, the sunlight, the fresh air, and the movement; They help prepare the body for sleep.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D fights depression, strengthens bones, heals the immune system, and also the digestive system. In addition, the sun's rays strengthen hair, nails, and skin.


It is good for the heart: People residing in towns at sea level have a better heart rate. This is because the atmospheric pressure is higher and therefore the amount of oxygen in the air is also higher.

It will help your immune system: The sea air helps the immune system, so residing in areas close to the sea will protect us from diseases and infections.

Other economic benefits of buying a newly built apartment on the beach:

Buying a newly built apartment on the beach can also give you economic benefits at different levels that will make this investment ideal. Newly built apartments are usually the most attractive when it comes to making an investment, especially for buyers looking to retire on the beach.

Reduce vacation costs: By having a flat on the beach, you are making your holidays cheaper. If you do not have a flat on the beach, you are forced to find some other place that is good and comfortable to spend your holiday season.

Possible investment: In the case of wanting to rent that accommodation during vacation periods, having the luxury of being on the beachfront will make it easier to rent it.

Good time in the real estate market: After the real estate boom, prices fell, without a doubt it was a good time to make real estate investments. Currently the market is picking up, but prices are still lowAll the more reason to consider the option of investing in buying a newly built apartment on the beach. 

From Inseryal By Marina d´Or We want you to be able to enjoy buying a flat on the beach at an affordable price. The newly built apartments that we carry out in Oropesa del Mar / Cabanes They are ideal for making a profitable investment. If you are looking for an apartment in Castellón close to the beach at a good price, Inseryal by Marina d'Or can help you find it.

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