Hello, lover of good weather! If, like us, you consider that your outdoor space is the best place to enjoy the summer sun, then you know how important it is to have elegant and functional patio furniture.

For summer 2023, designers are reinventing the classics and fusing them with emerging trends to give you endless stylish options. The trends website TrendHunter.com, gives us the keys to enjoy the terrace of your apartment facing the sea following the latest trends.


  • Al Natural: The trend of using natural materials in terrace furniture is still strong in 2023. Woods such as teak and oak, along with rattan and wicker, are on the rise. These items bring a fresh, organic feel to your outdoor space (Source: ElleDecor.com).


  • Green Minimalism: In keeping with the ecological trend, green minimalism is also gaining ground. This trend involves the use of simplified furniture with low environmental impact, merging with a large number of plants to convey calm and peace on your terrace (Source: HouseBeautiful.com).


  • Multifunctional: Multifunctional furniture is the unsung hero of small terraces. Coffee tables that convert to extra seating, benches with built-in storage, and bean bags that double as side tables are some of the innovative options designers have introduced for summer 2023 (Source: ArchDigest.com).


  • Boho Trend: The boho style, with its mix of patterns and textures and love of vibrant colors, is making a comeback. Ethnic patterned cushions, colorful rugs and woven rope seating are turning patios into lush, lively spaces (Source: IdealHome.co.uk).


  • Lighting: Designers are using lighting to transform terraces into magical spaces. From string lights that give off a party vibe, to solar lanterns and floor lights that give off a subtle glow, lighting is an essential part of the deck aesthetic in 2023 (Source: RealHomes.com).


  • Comfort is Key: In 2023, comfort is king. Patio furniture is designed to be cozy and comfortable, with soft cushions and reclining backrests. After all, what's the point of having a terrace if you can't relax on it? (Source: Decoist.com).
beachfront apartment

In short, summer 2023 is all about mixing styles, fusing functionality with aesthetics, and creating an outdoor space that's as comfortable and inviting as your living room. So go get your favorite cold drink, relax on your terrace and enjoy your apartment facing the sea. You can enjoy the summer from your apartment in the Ciudad Jardín Buildings, on the border between Oropesa del Mar and Cabanes, in the province of Castellón.

Since we want to offer you a different shopping experience, we have already anticipated the latest trends and have furnished the terrace of your apartment facing the sea for you.



The terraces of the Garden City buildings They have modern and resistant terrace furniture. Because we know that when you have a family you look for style, but also durability.

Our terrace furniture consists of two spaces, a relaxation area with a two-seater sofa and a coffee table, and another area made up of a table and four chairs.

The furniture in the first space is made of rattan, a natural, modern and resistant material obtained from the palms of a tropical plant species.

Rattan, despite its durability, is soft in texture and highly resistant to moisture. These pieces of furniture are resistant, comfortable and light.

The space intended to bring the whole family together at the table while you eat and enjoy the views of the sea, is a space furnished with resin furniture, a particularly resistant material that is very easy to clean and maintain.  

This will allow you to enjoy your family and the summer without having to worry about your children staining the table with paint or food when you sit them down to play or eat here.

Our priority is your comfort and that you enjoy your apartment on the first line of the beach without worrying about anything.

If you want to know more about the Ciudad Jardín buildings, you just have to leave us your information, we will be happy to call you.

beachfront apartment

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