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  Garden City II, Oropesa del Mar (Castellón)

5 questions we should ask ourselves before buying an apartment on the beach

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In a situation in which banks charge us to keep money that, due to inflation, is worth less and less, we must look for ways to monetize those small savings, and buying an apartment on the beach can be a good investment.

In Spain, historically, housing has always been an interesting destination for small capital, being one of the safest and most stable investments. At this point, it is convenient to take into account a series of factors that will help us choose the best investment among many options, such as an apartment on the beach.

1. Apartment in the city or apartment on the beach?

The acquisition of an apartment on the beach, beyond a business, also offers us the possibility of enjoy a house facing the sea, a added luxury for our investment.

2. How much should we spend on an apartment on the beach?

There is no exact amount that we can consider correct. It will depend on both the purchasing power of the buyer and their needs. As usual, common sense tells us to look for a reasonable investment and that does not force us to pay high costs. Finding apartments on the beach at a reasonable price is not always easy, but it is possible.

3. What to assess when buying an apartment on the beach?

With thousands of kilometers of beaches in Spain, there are various circumstances that can condition the revaluation of a apartment at the beach. Beyond the initial price of the home and its revaluation margin, the following must be taken into account:

·The location (being the first line of the beach an always attractive value)

· A developing environment, preferably with activity throughout the year (not only in summer): hotels, shops, supermarkets, leisure parks...

· Last but not least, the benefits of the building

buy an apartment on the beach
woman in swimsuit thinking about buying an apartment on the beach

and/or the urbanization itself our new apartments on the beach: swimming pools, common areas for, above all, the little ones, parking, storage rooms, etc. All of these factors, the more the merrier, will not only make us enjoy our new property even more, but are also essential for the revaluation of the same.

· Have an apartment on the beach allows us to rent it as a vacation home when we don't use it, and this generates an extra income, which is always good. Therefore, having an apartment on the beach is a profitable and safe investment.

4. New or second-hand apartment on the beach?

The answer is obvious, but it is not always easy to find new construction on the beachfront, and at a good price, in an attractive destination. Insert by Marina d'Or builds and sells new construction in Oropesa del Mar and Cabanes, for three decades, together with the Vacations city, an exceptional destination for a second residence.

5. What equipment will I need for an apartment on the beach?

Furnish, equip and decorate an apartment on the beach with two or three rooms, especially when we have it a few hundred kilometers away, it is neither an easy nor an economical task, so the option of buy the house with furniture and appliances. We will save money and time, knowing that all the furniture, appliances, lighting and, even more so, if the decoration works and fits perfectly. Because that's. From Insert by Marina d'Or we give you all these facilities.

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