5 things to know about the Costa de Azahar
5 things you should know about the Costa de Azahar

5 things to know if you are thinking of investing.

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The Costa de Azahar is located in the north of the Valencian community, in the province of Castellón and has an incredible climate and the beauty of its beaches is impressive. Has more than 130 km of coastline, where you can find long beaches of fine sand, beautiful, intimate and cozy coves. It also has large natural parks and a great cultural variety, without forgetting its historic towns.

The Azahar coast was named this way, after a cultivated flower that lives mainly in these lands, the orange tree. Orange trees belong par excellence to the Valencian Community.

1. The weather

The Costa de Azahar has a typical climate of the area of the I raised, which is enviable. The average annual temperature in the year is around 18º with mild winters.

Let us not forget that on the Azahar coast we will be able to observe the blue and clear sky, more than 300 days a year. Also, it should be noted that all this makes it a highly desired destination.

2. The Costa de Azahar and its natural paradises

For lovers of hiking, nature and natural parks, the Costa de Azahar is a fantastic destination. On the Azahar coast, you can enjoy the Sierra de Irta, which is located in Cabanes, and the Palmas desert, which is also in the province of Castellon, very close to this area.

The Columbretes Nature Reserve also on the Costa de Azahar, without a doubt it can be one of the most beautiful that you should visit. This consists of a series of islets that form one of the most important protected areas of the Valencian community, it is a paradise that is located 56 km from the coast. There are four groups of volcanic islands that are perfect if you like diving.

3. Costa de Azahar and its history.

Throughout the centuries, Castellón has had various civilizations, which have left a legacy culturel and a lot of historical wealth.

On the Costa de Azahar there are many pretty towns, one of them is Oropesa del Mar, where you can enjoy both tranquility, traditional festivals or other events, since in that town is Marina d'Or Holiday City.

4. Gastronomy

Another thing that cannot be forgotten about the Costa de Azahar is its rich gastronomy. On the Costa de Azahar rice, fish, seafood and vegetables predominate. But above all, what most defines this area is the soupy and black rice.

5. Living on the Costa de Azahar

The Costa de Azahar can be a perfect destination to live or to make a vacation investment. After talking about the different advantages of the area, we have been able to verify that this coast is one of the most beautiful in Spain.

On the Costa de Azahar you have a great variety of nature, you can enjoy both the beach and the mountains. What more could you ask for?

Living in Oropesa del Mar investing in a new apartment with Inseryal by Marina d'Or

At Inseryal by Marina d'Or we want to offer you the possibility of enjoying all the advantages that the Azahar coast can offer you. For this reason we suggest you make a good investment.

Our apartments on the first line of the beach in Oropesa del Mar / Cabanes, are perfect for you and whoever you want to enjoy this home.

These new construction apartments on the Azahar coast are delivered fully furnished, equipped and ready to move into. This will make it easier for you to settle into your apartment on the beachfront and with sea views.

You only have to worry about enjoying living in front of the beach, a perfect climate with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, and all the leisure and fun that Oropesa del Mar and Marina d'Or make possible. Without forgetting the happiness you will feel when living in an apartment on the beachfront like ours.



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