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5 keys to choose the best area of residence in Valencia

The Valencian Community It is a perfect destination to live, there are many places which may be ideal for renting or buying an apartment.

When we decided on an area for buy an apartment, there are many cases, options and doubts that come to mind. Therefore, the more we find out about the different areas, always taking into account what we are looking for, will help us make the most appropriate decision possible.

The keys of the election.

These are some of the keys or recommendations that we must take into account when we decide to choose a good area in which to Valencian Community:

  1. Our first decision is to choose if we want this apartment to be new or second-hand. The new construction in Valencia It is one of the most sought-after, since the Valencian Community is endowed with a great coastline and much of it undeveloped, so if you want a new-build apartment on the beachfront, Valencia is the ideal for sale in oropesa del mar From the viewpoint you will have excellent views to visit apartments for sale in oropesa del mar
  2. Cheap area: According to a Fotocasa study, Castellón is the number 1 province where you will find the cheapest flats and apartments in all of Spain. This is one of the keys that will help you economize on the choice of area in Valencia.
  3. Best area if what we are looking for is an investment. Many of the towns in the Valencian Community They are a great tourist attraction, which could be a great incentive to make a good investment. Above all, if what we are looking for is to buy a new construction apartment On the beachfront and rent it for vacation periods or different periods of the year. We can get the perfect investment.
  1. Best holiday locations and to live. The Valencian Community It is well known for its coast, the Levante coast, which is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Within this coast, one of the most beautiful is to the north of the Valencian Community, it is called orange blossom coast, where we can find flats and apartments of different prices facing the sea.

Opportunities in the area.

In this area, we find the town of Oropesa del Mar, well known for Marina d'Or Holiday City. This town is perfect for spending the summer with the family or living in the area, since you can find all kinds of leisure activities and services. In Oropesa del Mar there are also apartments facing the sea at very competitive prices and perfect for making an investment.

  1. The best area to live facing the sea. Valencia is one of the places where you can find the most beautiful towns on the Spanish coast. Therefore, any decision within Valencia is a good choice. If what you are looking for is leisure and at the same time tranquility, one of the best places to buy this home, as we have mentioned previously, is Oropesa del Mar, Castellón, since being next to the Marina d'Or Holiday Town You can enjoy the different activities that anyone seeks to have close to their home. One of the most beautiful beaches in the area is Torre la Sal beach, with more than 13 km to walk and enjoy the sea breeze every morning.Sunset in Valencia - apartments for sale in Oropesa del Mar Beautiful sunset in Valencia


In conclusion, taking into account the prices and the quality of the different places where you can live in the Valencian Community, Castellón is one of the most advisable cities to choose to buy a new construction apartment.

In Inseryal by Marina d´Or We want to discover a perfect home for you. In our apartments in Oropesa del Mar/ Cabanes, you will be able to enjoy all the possibilities offered by living in front of the sea in a town where you can find the relaxation and fun you are looking for.

The Ciudad Jardín II building It is located on the very first line of the beach with enviable views, with direct access to the beach and with all the comforts you can imagine. The apartments are delivered fully furnished, equipped and decorated, ready to move into.

We want tenants to feel in a home endowed with all the beauty that living in front of the sea can give you. We want to build the home of your dreams with you.


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