5 Advantages of Living in Oropesa del Mar

Discover the 5 Advantages of Living in Oropesa del Mar

First you have to know where Oropesa del Mar, but I think that it already sounds familiar to many people, right?

Oropesa del Mar Location Map

Oropesa del Mar is where Marina d'Or, a holiday city, is located, a place where we have all been interested in going at some point, with the hope of spending an unforgettable holiday.

Well yes, Oropesa del Mar, is located in Castellón (Valencian Community), facing the Mediterranean Sea on the Levantine coast, where you can enjoy an extraordinary climate throughout the year. To give you an idea, we talked about how you can enjoy more 300 sunny days a year, all envy for people who live in places where it rains all day, in bad weather and horribly cold in winter. Here we tell you the advantages of living our apartments in Marina d'Or.

Relaxation and fun, a perfect balance if you live in Oropesa del Mar.

As you know, living in Oropesa del Mar can give you different benefits, and one of them is the tranquillity. In Oropesa del Mar you can live peacefully, enjoying the nature, where you can relax by taking a walk along its beaches or reading a book in front of the sea.

On the other hand, you can also enjoy different festivities that take place throughout the year. The cultural, social life and the leisure offer is present for those who want to enjoy it.

Perfect climate with sun more than 300 days a year, living in Oropesa del Mar

Living in Oropesa del Mar means live in front of the mediterranean sea on the Levantine coast. Where you can enjoy warm summers and winters with mild temperatures.

Living on the coast can be a dream come true. They say that wanting is power, and living in Oropesa del Mar and being on vacation 365 days a year can be that dream come true.

Living next to Marina d'Or, in Oropesa del Mar

Marina d'Or is a vacation paradise for children and adults, we can enjoy all the leisure that this Vacation City offers us, its own slogan tells us, being on vacation all year round if you find yourself living in Oropesa del Mar together to Marina d'Or it is possible.

Have 8 leisure parks and enviable services, such as the largest seawater spa in Europe.

Health and well-being if you live in Oropesa del Mar

You don't have to be a health professional to know that living in a warm, coastal climate is beneficial for your health and your general well-being. Being away from the noise and stress of the city will always make you feel much better.

Services at your fingertips Living in Oropesa del Mar

Living in Oropesa del Mar, we can enjoy its beaches, where some of them have allowed access to pets.

By living in Oropesa del Mar next to the Marina d'Or complex You have all the services, both basic and others with a great diversity of leisure. We are talking about the fact that you have supermarkets, pharmacies, more than 100 shops and restaurants, as well as different parks with green and leisure areas, where you can find anything you need or want to do in your day to day.

live in front of the sea

From Inseryal by Marina d´Or we can make that dream of live by the sea in Oropesa del Mar is fulfilled, what is more, not only living by the sea, but also living on the very first line of the beach, since the garden city building it is in front of the sea.

We want to give you not only the benefit of living in a privileged place, but also that you do so with all the facilities that we can provide, which is why our new construction apartments are fully furnished, equipped, decorated and ready to move into.

What are you waiting for? Fulfill your dream of living by the Mediterranean Sea and come and meet us!!


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